This girl needs help

I ve been trying hard not to over do anything and just watching the plant, but I think it’s time for some expert advice, white rhino, in 3 galsft pots ffof since feb 20, April 3 first feed of .25 gen .org nutes, feed water, feed April 10th .50 same nutes, water, April 14th Feed 100% same nutes, ph in 6.5 , ppm 1064, run off was ph 6.2 ppm 867. leaves were dull and fading through the past time frame listed here, on the 17th I flushed with. 9 gals oh ph 6.5 12/12 13 April, then fed on the 15 th 100% same nutes, water. On the 19th I sprayed them with epson salt at 1tsp per gal, fed yesterday 100% same nutes, ph 6.7, ppm 1750, run off 6.7 ph, ppm 1150, def looks like a mag deficiently. But I think it’s flush time again, watering nutes always 6.5 to 6.7 ph. It’s getting worse, def worse under the burple lights, plizion

1200w,led, 18” over this plant

What I see is a pretty healthy plant.
Sometimes fan leaves take a hit for the team.
It’s one of their jobs.
Looks like a few leaves showing minor nute burn on the tips.
I wasn’t clear as to if you were adding nutrients every water or every other? I’m not sure what the nutrient bottles recommends.
There are a few leaves that look somewhat discolored with some fading to lighter splotches…not sure could be genetics?
You could be on your way to an issue but as of now looks good to me.
Plants usually don’t quickly show issues so take a step back and watch where things go and then take a moment to plan the next step.

My thoughts anyway

Hope this helps and HAGD

Tagging some others that are more experienced than I

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I too see a little nute burn, which you’ve probably addressed with the flush.
Your light pulls 190w, and your plant looks to be pushing the boundaries of available light. The discolored leaves are under the “canopy” so they’re probably just fading away because they’re not needed, as @Skydiver mentioned. It happens, its normal.
I don’t see too much evidence of a magnesium def, but there was one leaf with stripes, so I’m sure your foliar spray was not a bad idea.

Here’s a pic of how tortured my last grow looked by harvest. The bud is fantastic. Rest easy, you’re doing ok. Of course check them at least daily. Things can happen quickly.


I water, feed water, however I did feed this one at 75% then 100% because it was the only one that showed any problem signs, went to Florida and my watering timer flipped out and dumped about 30 gals through 4 plants in one shot, this one looked the worse, with the brown tips ever since , but they were standing tall a day later. Yeah new light next grow, one plant big scrog, the three Chinese I have would be fine for one plant, but not efficient.

Couldn’t agree more

A plant that size with a light that small will definitely only produce very small buds


It’s a 1200w, draws 280w, or at least 250w, it’s certainly not the best, but so far stretch has not been a problem, waiting waiting lol, any day, 12/12 for around 2 weeks

Here’s my basment grow room,

If I have to flush, what ppm am I looking for on run off, Thx

Good question.
Here is what I’ve experienced when flushing as I was learning the difference between growing methods and their relationship to readings from run off and flushing and all. It seems that the target PPM readings depend on how your growing.
Mine will read very high as with using the nutrients amended into the living soil all I’m doing when watering to run off or flushing is moving solid nutrients and nutrients that have been broken down by the critters etc out of my soil which I don’t really want to do otherwise why put it in. I have had PPM readings late veg or in flowering of between 1500 and 3000+ PPM but that’s fine running living soil. When I ran into a problem that wasn’t self correcting because my soil critters were out of whack I flushed and took readings after every gallon ran through to see the progression so when Got things lowered I would not flush anymore water than necessary and would stop. I didn’t use the flush 5x pot gallon size recommendations or whatever X number floating around. Again Ive only completed one grow and am currently on #2 and #3 and still learning but I read a lot of material learning things mainly about living soil growing but not much about Hydro, coco coir or soil using chemical nutes so I’m not one to ask for those systems.
There are charts recommending readings for each stage of growth.
Goes something like this
Seedlings no feed
Early veg 200-400ppm
Late veg 400-800 ppm
Transition to flower ?.?
Early flower 1000-1400
Late flower back down to ??
Anyway there are charts around with recommendations
I don’t think the nutrient line you are using is truly organic and uses salts etc but I’m not sure about that and that alone changes things as it kills any critters in soil and so things can go south easier/quicker.

As far as things happening good or bad fast or slow to plants I would think that would depend on what system one runs.
Hydro - fastest swings
Coco - a little slower than hydro
Soil - slower still
Living soil - slowest changes
Has to do how the plants are being fed…force fed by us or fed as needed automatically by the critters in the soil as they break down nutrients into usable form for the plant. They communicate with each other and share each other’s resources.

So to answer your question I’m not sure what reading to shoot for.
Heck I could be telling you bad info but based on my limited experience and the things I’ve read I think I’m close.
Others feel free to offer any advice to the contrary I’m always listening and learning and changing.

If you think your low on CalMag mix some up and foliar feed the one you think needs it the most when lights are just about to go off and see how she reacts. Or mix it up and water it in next feed based on the recommended dosage of your CalMag and maybe only at half strength because again I’m not seeing any glaring issues from your pics at the beginning of your post.

Hope this babble helps lol

The yellowing looks way worse under the burple lights,but the other plants don’t have the yellowing, lights on or normal light. Maybe I am over reacting

Newbie here, thx if I have to flush I’ll giv her a gallon at a time, take ppm, then go from there, gonna give her a cpl days, she’s dry in two days, she’s a thirsty girl. 30-40 rh, temps 67 ish night 75 days, basement grow, ffof soil, learned lots this grow, 3 gal pots too small, vegged to long with the lights I have. Next grow, one plant, scrogged or fluxed.

You have to remember, each plant is different just like we are and have to be treated as so. Just back off the nutrients on that one a bit and don’t spray with the Epson salt it belongs in the soil where the roots can uptake it and put it where it needs to go.