Mostly cloudy trichomes; how much longer to harvest?

This is a pic of one of the top colas of an LSD strain grown outdoors. The pistils are very white still but the trichomes are almost all cloudy. I think the buds could fill out quite a bit more. I’m supposed to fertilize Monday of next week but worried that I may be too close to harvest to give too many nutes that I can’t flush out. So, how much longer do you think it will be until harvest?

Get a microscope so you can read them good. Not to much longer from the look of this photo

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A scope would be better to tell trichome ripeness/preference, that said your pistols are very white still and only just beginning to brown off at the tips, i would say she has a lot more stacking to do! Also looking at this pic zoomed in i can still see clear trics mixed with cloudy but no amber yet, depends what kind of smoke you prefer, couchlock or headhigh.

P.s this looks like a bug to the left of this pic!?

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4 to 6 weeks still


Give it about 4 weeks, and get something you can really zoom into the Trichomes. When you start to see some of them turning amber then it would be a good time to harvest.

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