How many weeks to harvest?

Hi growers! Heres a few snaps of my latest crop
Based on the pics, what’s the best guess of how many weeks 'till harvest time?
I have 4 plants, 2 Girl Scout Cookie Extreme & 2 Bubba Kush, all feminized

They all seem like they are at the same point of maturity. The pistils are starting to crimp inward & lose color (getting a little dingy/darker)

Pistils started to show up the 3rd to 4th week of Aug. Plants are outdoor in Mpls

The last pic was taken with the magnifier on my phone to give you an idea of the trichome situation

All ideas & suggestions are welcome
As always thanks in advance fellow growers!


Looking good Growmie, 6-7 weeks left in my opinion :love_you_gesture:


Look great.
Weather may be your calendar.
@noddykitty1 recently posted about morning dampness (not rain) causing grow issues.


Like @OGIncognito said, you got a ways to go.

Do you have a jewelers loop or digital microscope? Checking trichomes is the best way to tell if they’re ready.

Here’s mine, still has a week or 2 left.

Pics under the scope


Yep, i figure the 3rd to 4th week of Oct
Call 'em Halloween Plants!


I do, thanks for reminding me
My trichomes appear to be crystal clear & bulbus shaped, no amber color at all

Need to wait until all cloudy and amber level depending on your high.

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Forum friends posted these pictures, I coppied.

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She Looking good my plant looks the same a Little


Hi guys, take a look at the pics & let me know what you think. The pistils/buds are really dark, almost purple but trichomes are still crystal clear,
hard to tell from the pics but i do have a good magnifier
We’ve had temos down to 38 here in Mpls this week. They’re tough, they’ve battled torrential rain, 25 to 40 mph wind gusts & 116 degree heat index
How long to harvest?
Thanks growers!


Im moving my (potted) plants into the garage to finished them off. Im in Mpls & we’re having huge storms (rain NOT snow), potentially 2 - 4 inches of rain & 25 - 40 mph winds for 2.5 days.
Besides potential crop damage, its getting into the 30s at night
With another 3 - 5 weeks to go i feel its prudent. In fact im thinking of taking it a step further & covering them up (inside the garage) to give them ‘more dark’ & hasten the ripening process
Anybody ever do this or hear of it beoing done? Thoughts?
Thanks growers!

Doesn’t look like 3-5 weeks left to me…less. Got any close ups of the flowers and trichomes?

I wouldn’t cover them up with anything in the garage…make sure you cover all light sources in there tho.

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I dont. Last year i used the magnifier app on my phone & thought i got some really great shots. But this year i got an actual lighted, 60x magnifier & its super.
To date, trichomes on the (soon to be buds, i hope) are clear with no amber
So i wait…

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