More light vs better temps

WE ALL KNOW THE MORE LIGHT THE BETTER YET ON THE OTHER HAND Marijuana grown indoors functions better at moderate temperatures between 70 and 75F (21-23C) during the light period -ROBERT
however he writes in another place cant find it now that temps getting into the 80s produce airy fluffy buds and slowed growth the question is when push comes to shove what plays the upper hand what would be the best choice example
I have a led 140w and 105w cfls the avg heat is 83f if i get rid of the cfls the temps would avg 78f whats best to do and why?

1st. Make sure that you have a fan blowing the radiant heat away. You do this by placing a fan at the height level to “between” the lamp and the canopy.

Sounds lie your temps are perfect.

As far as “Robert” query. I think this is related to whether or not you use CO2. That would be my 1st thought on the matter.