Having trouble with temp

What is the highest temps that the plants take I’m seeing 95 I have fans every where

I personally keep mine around 78-80°F but honestly I wouldn’t want it above 85°F


Me personally I’d keep below 85 max love to see mid 70s. What kind of ventilation do have?

85 is max for me.

Fans? What kind of fans? Do you have an inline fan to remove heat and draw in fresh air?

I have online fan and 3 fans and windows open

Should I take the plants down stairs in the heat of the day and put back in tent when it cools down

I want the temps under 85 degrees. I have a window AC to cool the temp down. You want to control the room temps which means the tent temps will come down.


Like mrpeat I have an ac unit in the room my tent is in and vent my tent air outside I also run lights at night and off during the hottest time of day


Why is 85 such a top temperature? Pay attention from 12:45 on for a couple minutes. Note that 29C is about 84F…USU Cannabis Lab Tour with Dr Bruce Bugbee - YouTube
Notice the 26C (78F) plants are noticably smaller. Why would you want smaller plants in upper 70s when you will get larger in mid 80s???

You have a downstairs that is cooler? Can you setup that area to use instead?

Even @dbrn32 will tell you that he aims for 84°F to reach his target numbers with LED light. Not sure how y’all dailed in mid 70s tbh.


Thanks to all I remedy the situation by moving grow to garage during heat of days noticed it stayed around mid 70s hope it dolved

I usually shoot for 80-82f. I don’t use any automation so gives me a little wiggle room. I feel like will all work pretty good if you can stay around 80f. Still get really good growth and not really any issues with heat if creeps up on you a little.

Damn. I was off by two. My plants, granted sativa dominant, love the 80s. They transpirate and grow noticeably slower in the 70s for me. Chocolope love heat.

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Sounds pretty accurate. Would hate to throw exact number out, but led grows seem to do better when lights on temps are above 78f. Less than that and seem noticeably slower.

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Run your lights at night

Because some strains like AK 47 start foxtailing past 78.

Cannibis plants are a mixture of everything from equatorial plants to plants grown in Siberia nowdays as most that are grown are hybrids.

So some Sativa’s from say Panama for instance, like it hotter than a Siberian Russian Indica.

This isn’t one plant boys.