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Hey everyone I hope your all having success in your endeavors I have a question I keep hearing differing oppions on led lights and grow room temps the manufacturer of these leds lights said 78 to 84 degrees grow room temp which is canopy temp obviously not accurate if your reading temps anywhere else but now is this accurate or are the other group of people who tell me 74 to 76 degrees and I plan on using the vpd chart for growing and it seems I would need my humidity around 70 to 75% at 78 to 82 degrees or so any thoughts on should I just find out for myself and go by the light manufacturers advice

It would depend on the lights and as well as on your setup. Your ventilation will come into play as well. Can you elaborate on your grow room or tent?

Ambient conditions will play a role too. More info would be great.

10x10 room temp 76 to 80 degrees 60 to 75& humidity coco chunks with a coco spun layer 1 inch thick to keep everything in place 1 part nutrients with silicate additive I use to raise ph if needed and as a additive for the plants im only growing 2 plants on the tray right now was doing a test run just looking for advice on coco chunks I used bag seeds 30 gallon res my water is 25 degrees celcius which is really good I have temp control on my ro water filter due to the way I installed it I do hvac for a living so i have electrical backround ill be using automated controls for temps humidity etc I’m taking mesurements manually right now with my hvac tools which are very sensitive day to night temps I keep close control over that they are doing much better once I got them into the tray ill keep yall updated thanks for the info helped alot

72-77F is the ideal temperature, but staying under 80F is what we indoor growers shoot for!


On the manufacturers website they recommend a canopy temp with the leds of 78 to 84 because these lights produce a lot of intensity but not heat if I keep a fan running around the heat sinks because it doesn’t have fans the room never goes above 82 even without a fan I’m working on getting my ventilation and filtration set up but the room really doesn’t get that hot even though its over 100 degrees outside for the last week I’m just not sure yet if these numbers are ideal I’m trying to run by the humidity grow chart online but it say I need relative humidity of around 70% in the 80 degree range due to the air not being able to hold as much water at lower temps I think that’s the idea they are running by any ideas do you use leds and what kind of results have you seen from them does and donts the room is about 10x8 and rh% has been around 40% which is a little low I guess they are just babies at this point but I want to make sure I have the right setup once they are ready to start packing on leafs really soon they at loving the lighy I’m just wandering for babies is at as important to have high humidity???
water temp 23.5 C. air temp between 76 and 82 always night to day temp humidity doesn’t drop much either I’m using a 2x4 flood table with coco coir and coco fiber layer on top to help hold things in place great idea my buddy told me about ill post pics today the room is tarped off in a bed room I have when this is just my test run with free bag seeds which are looking nice one better then the other but I’m pretty happy so far with results ive been keeping track of ec levels 3 times a day ph and ppm for shits and giggles but I use the ec systems so I don’t have to worry about you using a different system then I use aren’t as accurate when u think about how they convert ppms to tds its just a processor
now my ec started at .4 now 5 days in at .57 ph ive been holding at around 6.0 to 6.3 and the plants seem happy do these numbers sound right also yesterday the ph kept going up I’m guessing because I forgot to adjust the ph of my coco coir before use but I got a good brand and it seems to have calmed down I’m using silicate for cell; structure growth and mycros to help in the coco also flora nova 1 part grow and calmag using about 3 inchs of coco in the tables and flooding to the bottom of the coco fiber layer the coco chunks drain really well so I water about every hour and a half ive been playing with that a bit floods for 15 mins I dialed in the pumps to not over flood the pan and over flow flora nova mycros I wanted white shark but they didn’t have any mycros is only like 2 less microbe species and it seemed to help the coco with the ph problem when I added the other half yesterday let me know what else info you need ill try to post with some pics in a few hours

The ideal temperatures for cannabis won’t change depending on what type of light is used.

When the light is turned on, an ideal temperature for the cuttings and seedlings is between 68ºF and 77ºF (20ºC and 25ºC). As the plants get older they can evaporate a little bit more and the temperature may increase to a maximum of 82ºF (28ºC).

At 82F you are at the max and pushing it. You will generally experience much better growth rates at around 77F.

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Thanks for reassuring me on the topic @MacGyverStoner! I thought I was giving the correct info and you confirmed it!



thanks bro ill keep updating with more pics for led users thanks a bunch

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i don’t get it they specifically made a video and said to run the temps slightly higher then with hps or whatever else people are using cfl lec led etc etc
I’m just having a hard time now I trust you guys but I also kind of trust them since they are the led designers and growers themselves they said to use the vapor pressure deficit chart vpd
for cannabis but I’m kind of worried because this seems a lot warmer then other growers are doing I know my friend here who works for a legal grow opp he said they keep theyre canopy temps at 72 degrees F. any thoughts on which way I should go with this I think ill lower the temps down a bit to 78 at the highest for now and see how it goes unless you think otherwise I’m all ears at this point