Monster cropped goldleaf scrog

Just a few pics of my new run :v:


Looking good , that scrog will double your yield , can’t wait to see it later in flower ?

I think you might be able to lower the two grow lights I’m not sure what the other is. I have the same fluorescent lights and I keep mine about 4 to 5 inches away from the Plants, but I don’t have a heat problem.

i could but no need there doing great and the other light is 700 watt Mars2

Wow- looks good! Is that metal fencing wire? I’m contemplating doing that on my next grow.

yes just chicken wire from home depot

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just a few updated pics


just got my new seed today 2x Girl Scout Cookies 1 free Bubble Bomb 1 free cheeseberry

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It’s not cool posting stealth packaging methods , it can make transit harder for those who buy online , even yourself ?


U GOT That Gold Leaf Looking Good How DOEES That Wire Work IT do good I’m doing a white widow auto scrog an Im going to use that kind of wire sense I got lots of it that’s the kind I use to build my chicken cages with

Dam wrong one my bad no its not cool to show how they are Sent now my seeds might not get here because of u showing this to the police u need to be smarter then that how are u going to grow without any one no in u will tell the world how u got them an probably where u are growing


to YOSHI do you know now were this came from than stop just a pic imgm mite get a ideal on how to get seeds to us uncrushed

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I understand , but it’s still not cool to put out others methods either , a few of us been here since the beginning before it was legal .


like i have not lol :v:

In all respect , this is a public forum , and the possibility on how to grow from multiple grower’s such as yourself , those who are under the law and within the rights of the law still have trouble receiving seeds by mail in the same manner you experience . For some it was not challenging due to stealth shipping , when for some the stealth was compromised . I believe in the code "I Am My Brother’s Keeper " , meaning I will never willingly upload an alternative way for simply this forum is public .


Hillcrest is that a Black Dog Led light with 2 CFL grow lights ? What is the wattage on the LED light ? Another question , are those 5 gallon smart pots ? How much water and nutrients you used through 3 five gallon smart pots ? Do the smart pots sit in a tray or just the bottom of the grow tent are closet to catch run-off water ?

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its all good and its a Mars2 700 watt +2 250 watt cfl actual wattage 850 total. i water maybe 2 times per week when i feed nutes its at about 850 ppm and yes just sit on bottom of tent made something to caught runoff.

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The white powder you see is DE just for prevent maintain :v:

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How much water for 3 pots that size ?