Monster cropped goldleaf scrog

1 gallon per pot till i see it runoff

How do you like the Mars2? how would you compare it to the same watt of a HPS or MH? How hot does it get? Thanks

imo i like the mar2 alot i get good resolves my tent runs about 76-79 degrees

few more pics


A few pics with LEDS off 14 days into flowering. Feed 925-950 ppm yesterday.Who do they look?


How long was your veg period to get them to fill out the scrogged .

10/14 would be your best light schedule in flower , you would get double the resin trichomes with a shorter light period and longer dark period . Can’t wait to see your pictures as they progressed .


12/12 good for me no rush and good resolves why mess with it :v:

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I agree totally , so you have an over-flow tray under the three 5 gallon smart pots for water run-off . My question is how do you drain it , are you give so many gallons for minimum run-off that don’t over flow the tray ? Your grow looks really good , I like how you maximizing your grow space . I want to do a scrog grow in a DWC with a white widow or Sour Diesel .

no i water let drain than i have small wet vacuum i suck run-off up

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Right , very good Intel on using smart pots . Honestly I have not thought of that option , but it will definitely work for stationary pots . Your scrog looks awesome , hopefully I can get a full canopy in my small tent .

update 21 day into flowering


few pics day 28 flowering


Looking great hillcrest! What size of tent are you growing in?

its a 2x3x5 foot thanks :v:

It was a great SCrog. I was talking about posting the stealth picture on line. Customs doesn’t need any help. Keep it green


Few pics day 35


Very Nice.

Being very new to this (first grow) I was getting concerned about the
yellowing/lime color I was seeing during flower, started week 5 of flower.
After doing some research it seems to be normal during flower and looking
at yours I see the same thing happing. So I guess my question is is there
anything that should be done about it or is it just something normal and
nothing to be concerned about or even try to correct ? Oh BTW i am
growing OG Kush

Again those look really nice hoping to get things dialed in for my next grow
and would be really excited if I could get a nice sea of green like yours :slight_smile:


Thanks and yes it is normal but keep a eye on your runoff ph and ppm, just check my runoff ph was 6.6 and ppm 926 so for me no not really concern about some yellowing. :v:

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Thanks, Just checked runoff yesterday PH 6.5, PPM 550.
I am using soil and felt pots also.

Thinking of uping the nutes this time to around 800 but
being only a few weeks to finish I was hoping to keep it
clean for the last two weeks. I will have to see how fast
this yellowing develops over the next couple days before
I decide.

Again very impressed with what you have done there.