Dushin's 2.0 grow

Coming at you with my 2nd grow. 4 plants. ILGM ak-47 and bubble gum.

upgraded my lights from 2 bestva 1500W LED’s to 4x qb288’s.

Trying to reduce stunt time so I’m starting in the final 5g pot rather than having to transplant twice.

Also thinking about trying my hand at scroging

Just finished germinating the seeds and put in the soil. Speaking of soil I put FFOF in the bottom half of pots and FFHF on top.


@Gremmall @Laurap @Cyle1 @Mrcrabs @PurpNGold74 hope you dont mind me tagging you lol


Sounds like a great lineup and your doing it all right.


Upgrading to those QB’s will make your plants happy, happy, happy. :+1:


@MrPeat yeah I think so lol these things are probably the brightest lights I’ve ever seen. Not to sure on the distance though might have to bring the light guru in here lol I have them like 39 inches above soil atm on low. Or maybe just buy a PAR meter

Yeah those QB boards is like having the Sun in your tent. I knew they would be bright but not on the scale that they have them at.

The best thing to try is move them down to about 18” and see how the plants respond. Adjust as needed based on how they respond and or if they go into distress. But I wouldn’t get them closer than that.

What are you driving your new QB 288 boards with?

Everything is fine so far. Humidity is steady 80-90% temps have been in between 68-73

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And the bottom right bag looks like pac-man lol so that’s cool too :rofl:

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If you’re going to scrog don’t do what I did and leave it to late to flip I tried to fill the whole thing I’ve since been told 60-80% full then flip but what do I know I’m new to this, best of luck to ya :+1::blush:

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That’s good advice ive seen that on a couple of post lol and I’m glad I did because knowing myself I would of filled it all the way up

That’s exactly what I did was a night mare taking it all off

going to let them go upwards may add a net later on if I need to

Just gave 3 of my girls their first nute feeding 1/4 strength FF big bloom, grow big, and CAL MAG. The 4th looks like it might have nute burn back story on the plant I’m talking about is one of my AK’s it quit growing after a week it bounced back after loosing all of her leaves but now its a couple of weeks or so behind all the other plants. I’ll put pics up here in a few minutes and hopefully you all could confirm it. But hey everything ive hears about runt plants sounds good to me :+1:

Oh also I topped 3 of them

Hey @dbrn32 gotta question about my lights I’ve got the 550 so the 4x qb 288’s do you have general knowledge about light distance they are a month old and right now I have them at 30 inches at half strength don’t have any kind of light meter or even begin to know what to get or how to calibrate… Learning about lights makes my head hurt man… Lol

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That sounds pretty good. You can maybe make small bump on dimmer if plants are looking good. No reason to be over 70-75% in veg though unless you are running a shorter veg schedule. From there I usually wait until after transition to start working up to full power and you can probably run light closer to 24" or so.

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Ok cool and while I have you hear I want to mount the driver out of my tent do i just need to get some extra wire and a couple more wago connectors?

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Ya, as long as it’s not too far 18awg rated for 300v will work.

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