Monster cropped goldleaf scrog

two pics LED on LED off


Redbud im not trippin about anything all good i post every week need to ask something ask if i can help i will :v:


How many plants do u have in that I’m wanting to do the same an how far off the ground should my wire be before they start growing in it

I have 3 plants there and it is 17 inch from floor to wire :v:

I built my scrog screen to sit 5 inches above pot for enough air flow , because anything under the screen should be trimmed if not growed out through the screen so air can move around the plant .

update day 42 flowering :v:


Looking awesome !!!

BTW when you train with the scrog do you keep pulling the
branches back under the net or do you twist them over and
then back under ?

I just pull back under maybe tie down some if needed. Thanks :v:

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Your scrog looks awesome , hopefully I’ll get your results as well .

Thanks yoshi hopefully they will fill in nice in next few weeks.Yours will be great.Good job with your auto flowers :v:

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Yeah I’m pretty excited being my first run at it . I’ve seen others grow very short auto’s that was not worth the time , and I’ve seen grow seemingly large . But the details of them finishing was really my que to give it a shot , because I’ve grown a few times , and to go from seed to Finns in 56 days is in heard of , that’s just in flower along , not counting the seedling stage in vegging . So auto’s drawer my interest , and here I am . Now Macgyverstoner and Latewood broke down the process of using the Lucas formula and going into the cold season , I wanted to try before next spring . I must honestly say the process has been ah breeze so far , but now I’m in the stretch , and hoping for maybe 4 inches , anything above that will be very interesting due to my limited space . But hydro and a scrog is my next option as for experience of growing in hydro , merely for the experience more than anything , but they are on cruise control . But with the Lucas formula you can’t used different nutrients that’s well balanced to get more out your grow . In another month I’ll know if they finish on time , and what quality auto’s produce .

Going to use that method on next grow and focus on trimming better how many plants total are there

Man for 3 plants that looks beautiful did u do any topping

Keep posting how long in veg and how tall before starting flowering

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They were monster cropped clones no topping.were in veg for 5 week maybe :v:

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Ok thks got three seedling started going to follow your progress for support

What’s up yoshi been enjoying my harvest first grow 9 oz from 4 plants of og kush 1oz down 8 to go


It’s an awesome feeling I know to grow it , and it’s better than anything bought , it smokes better to me . Good job buddy , you did better than me actually .

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My monster cropped skunk did great outdoors, that’s why I like outdoor grows, the plants give a lot in return. The 4 1/2 plants I got right at 4 lb. the 1/2 plant was a late plant only got about 3 ft tall

update day 49 flowering:v: