Is anyone familiar with Mars lighting?

I’ve seen some incredible pictures and who wouldn’t love the lower electricity bills, so I’m wondering what the thought is on Mars in particular, an LED in general?


MARS is a less expensive Chinese manufactured brand. I believe TopLED manufactures them along with a few other “low end” brands like Vipar, WellPAR, GrowBLU LED, and most of Apollo’s LEDs, as well as Sunspect and probably many others I might be forgetting.

If you get the right light with a decent spectrum and maximized PAR, you can get amazing results with them.

I believe @hillcrest21678 uses one in his grow along with some CFLs. And @TxGrowman has used them.


I think that’s where I first saw them. These are very new to me, I went to the Mars site, but there’s nothing better than hearing personal experience (I noticed he augments them with fluorescents).


I’m using a MarsII 700 in a 39" x 39" x 71" Tent, Check out the results, so far this is day 66 from seed for the blueberry, and small clones for the Pineapple Express and the White Queen. There is no other lighting and the penetration of light is quite impressive.

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Wow! I don’t know what to think about lighting anymore!?

Mars website was somewhat unclear to me, does that model have a switch for veg and bloom modes?


I’ve used them my first grow came out pretty good 9.5oz from 4 plants using 2 300 watt led’s actual wattage 170 ea. This grow doing scrog goin to add third light giving total 510 watts for the price can’t beat it 65.00 ebay cheaper if you buy 2 or more figure once I learn this scrog growing I’ll invest in a good 600+ watt led and use these for side lighting or sell to new grower starting out learned so much from first grow nutrients,ph,soil,etc can invest and upgrade… I say buy them from experience there decent lights

These things are amazing!
I’m interested in a Mars 700w I have a 4x4 and it says it does a3 by 3 with only 307 watts! I was going to put a 600hps in now I don’t know what the hell to do?

I’m old school but I’m not adverse to improvements and advancements. I think these might be the future of indoor horticulture.

I’m going to go to my grow shop Wed. and will check them out, last time I didn’t really pay much attention to them


How close do u keep your lights durin veg and flowering?

They don’t put out that much heat but can burn leaves right now in veg. There bout 20" over scrog net during flowering they have been inches from light

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My first grow auto northern lights is currently being grown with a Mars Hydro300 (yes i know it’s 150 true watts). Anyway this is day 60 from soil all done with this one light I got on sale for $90. It’s a little beast. MarsHydro is an excellent brand. The pics don’t even do it justice as its outgrowing the closet. When I’m not hoisting it with LST weights(recommended the weighted ornament technique) it stretches to 4ft wide and bout as tall as it is wide. Super bushy too!


This just arrived at home. And it will be used on my very 1st grow. I am going to use it in conjunction with 2ea 8 bulb 4’ florurescent lights. Hopefully it will pay huge dividends.

Nice looking plants you guys!! My confidence is building!!

1st run using a Mars Hydro full spectrum 600 watt lite in a 3’X3’X6’ tent and lite works well $30 month to run vegging ! think it was $149 F/S on Flea Bay lol

I have the 600. Didnt get it until i started flowering. Works great so far. Runs cool and super bright