Mold on cured bud? Please help

Is the thin white strandy stuff mold? Trichomes look thicker to me. I took pics using my wifi digital microscope.


My first thought is No. this is what mold looks like under the scope. More fluffy and spider-web like.


…But when in doubt, throw it out

But… here’s a shot of healthy trichomes and pistil hairs for comparison


I 100% agree with @Caligurl on this! I have no tolerance for any contamination. Just not worth the health risk.


Thank you for the quick response @Caligurl. It looks like it could be pistil hairs, but I’m not sure. Its hard to tell if that is a pistil in there.


Keep an eye on it, it looks like it might go either way, to me. @Caligurl is likely correct but you can’t be too careful about ingesting mold.


You can always just cut that part out, make sure your buds are not too wet, maybe even quarantine that one bud and just watch it closely.


I just harvested a huge Laughing Buddha, dried for two weeks, and found white mold in the top large bud, on the inside, when breaking it down to jar. I’d already trimmed everything else, about 6 oz, and found no mold on other parts of the plant.

Soooo, here’s my dilemma. Should I throw it all out? I know, I know, best practices say yes. So I spent about three hours going through every small Bud with a microscope, breaking them open, searching for mold. I found a few very small amounts on several buds that were part of the top bud, but none anywhere else. No odd smells, looks, smells, and feels like well cured bud.

I constantly see this argument that the whole plant will have the spores, if any of the plant has mold. Sounds logical. But all plants have the spores anyway, right?

The plant drying right beside it is clean as well, but it was much less dense.

What do you guys think? I see lots of blogs of what to do while it’s still growing, but little about while it’s drying. Most say cut out the bad buds while growing, throw it all out if it’s drying, which doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. Thanks!

That’s not mold, I’m dealing with the exact issue right now. My good buds look exactly like yours, but the moldy ones are super easy to spot under the scope. It looks like random webbing, cobwebs, you can spot even a few strands of it. It’ll stand out from the trichomes in appearance, it just looks out of place. Early, it’s white and wispy.

Good luck! Hope your bud is all ok.

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