Bud rot? Or just lots of hairs?

I maybe a little paranoid about mold and bud Rot but here are 2 buds from the same plant.

They’re both in the midst of curing. I don’t smoke weed and haven’t in years and have been out of touch with the appearance. I’m just now getting into growing as a hobby and to boost my income if I can grow anything sellable. Thanks for your help!


They looks pretty fine and tasty to me, you should really taste your work, looks fantastic-:heart:

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If you open the buds up and check near the stem for any grayish discolouration Or white fuzzy’s That will be the tell tale sign of bud rot or mold.
It starts at the stem and works it’s way to the outer edges of the buds.

But I’m not really seeing any glaring signs in your pics.


I don’t see anything that jumps out. As @Oldguy mentioned. Take the larger buds break down into smaller nugs and examine. Good luck

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And it will smell different… or rather not smell right - ie fruity, piney, citrus, slinky. Congrats on the chop and if it’s your plan to sell you’ll need to really hammer down the curing which is another feat in itself. Good luck and nice chatting w u . And like everyone else I don’t see nothing good job


Thank you! Yes. The cure, I totally underestimated. My first grow I just assumed “ok after all that, this cure part has to be a piece of cake” boy was I wrong. I had great looking bud that smelled like hay and rotten lemonade. I’ve improved significantly since my first grow which at best yielded 14g per auto plant. Now I’m up to 40-50g per plant. I’m learning patience. Something this ADD NYC boy has none of. I’ll get it eventually! Thanks for all your help gentleman!