Mixing different lights

In my 4x4 tent I grow under a 600w mh/HPS bulb. However, a couple years ago I bought some new el cheapo full spectrum LEDs at a yard sale. They’re each like 12"x7", which I use when I start my tomatoes.

The last couple years I’ve also been incorporating these small LEDs to work in conjunction with my mh/HPS. What I do is, rather than hang them horizontally, I hang them vertically or on end, to light up the sides of the plants, and get light into the dark areas.

Of course someone told me this isn’t a good practice. Mixing different lights confuses the growth cycles of the plants, esp autos. Ive never noticed it.

Does anyone have any working knowledge on this?


@Oldguy and @dbrn32 may be able to offer some advice, old school and been growing awhile :love_you_gesture:


I’ve got a couple 600 mh/hps and an sf2000. Never ran both at the same time thru a flower run.
Usually have the sf in the tent doing veg duties when I’ve got a round in flower under the hps.
Sorry I can’t be more help.

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Hey @Beard-O from all the bits of info I’ve read a photon is a photon whether it come from a star or from an LED, MH or HPS fixtures.
I’d use the LED for under canopy lighting just as you are contemplating.
If you have a MH bulb I’d use it during the veg stage. MH has more blue photons.
If you have an HPS bulb I’d use it during flower. HPS has more red photons.


My bro mixes HPS/MH and LEDS. Like @LateNightGardner said. A photon is a photon is a photon. Doesnt matter where it comes from. He has excellent grows and harvests…

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Light spectrum or specific wavelengths don’t really impact the life cycle of cannabis. No in terms of keeping a plant in veg or flower anyways, this is from maturity of plant and/or length of light exposure. Specific wavelengths of light will trigger different plant behaviors though and these will change how a plant grows.

Generally speaking, having a broader spectrum of light is a good thing. There are just some situations where you don’t want to throw off ratios of some specific wavelengths.

this is good info… im looking at a new light that uses the bridgelux diodes and my current light is the samsung diodes. I was worried about mixing them and messing up light spectum somehow.
edit: are the bridgelux diodes good quality? i see them on bramds that carry weight so figured they must be? thanks

My understanding is that the Samsung 301 diodes are the absolute best.

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Samsung are more efficient but bridgelux is no slouch. Reputable, just newer to grow lights. :call_me_hand:t3:

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Good info. I’ll look more into them. Thanks.