Missouri First Timer - Indoor Grow - Tips Appreciated!

Received WW-F from ILGM and started 5 little ladies this past September…100% germination (Thanks ILGM!)
Transplanted 3 times to their final 3.5 gal pots.
I am using an Ebb/Flow Hydro system with 18 gallon reservoir, with aeration.
They auto water 6am, 12n & 6pm.
They are planted over clay pebbles in a mix of coco & perlite (50/50).
Using Big Grow - 1 Tablespoon /gallon water.

We have the benefit of having a tornado shelter under the house which is working great for my new grow room.
Climate controlled, keeping it 73 during the day and 68 at night.
Electronic controlled heat back up monitors the temp as well.
Full spectrum LEDs are on a 18on/6off schedule currently.
PH monitored (and adjusted) daily (5.9-6.2 range).
Humidity ranges from mid 60’s to mid 50’s depending on weather.
I check on them 2-3 times daily and mist them during visits with PH balanced water (no food).

Ladies are now 7 weeks old.

I believe these are still in the vegetative growing phase…is that correct?
They have been in their latest pots about 10 days and are really growing like weeds (LOL).
Hard to tell from the pictures, but leaves are deep dark green, no yellowing or brown.

Also I am looking for recommendations on changing the water in the reservoir?
Is it necessary? If so, how often?
How do I monitor the nutrients left in the water…just been guessing up to now?

Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated!
Happy Growing


@belizit…welcome !..all I call tell you is you are in the right place :relaxed:I’m just getting my grow together so I don’t think I could be much help but I’m sure much more knowledgeable help will be here shortly…
ps… I’ll tag you in my grow also…


Welcome @Belizit I think @Aquaponic_Dumme @MAXHeadRoom @Donaldj or @ktreez420 maybe able to help answer your questions.


Hopefully some of the hydro guys will be by to help you out. In the meantime, you shouldn’t need to spray your plants. Especially in you’re not foliar feeding. If you were to foliar feed, you would want to do it right at lights off. As moisture on leaves can cause them to burn easily when lights are on.

As far as changing water, I believe most do somewhere between every 7-14 days. Between changes they top off with ph’d water. I would say the biggest reason is because they are changing nutrient doses around that increment.

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I would suggest a weekly or 10 day change as the nutrients become less stable and your plant takes what it needs and wants leaves what it doesn’t running a res too long without changes means less is available and even worse what is there is not what the plant needs/wants.


@Belizit You also should invest in a PPM/TDS meter. This will tell you how much your plants are eating so you can adjust your nutrients.