Need help with Hydro marijuana grow

A question from a fellow grower:

I had fluctuations in ph, and temperature, and I have not followed humidity, thinking that if it is grown on the water, you should not need the humidity control. This time I’m armed with hygrometer, and no too high temperatures aloud. What about supplements I decided to stay on the Hesi, since I still have it remained, but the next time I want to be sure to buy a few sets of your supplements to get finally impeccable quality)). And of course Goldleaf and a couple of varieties! Yum-yum)

I filled out ILGM Support Tickett, and attach some photos. I would like very much to ask your advise, if I’m doing something wrong. Or if you notice in the photo that something is not right. Help me if possible. What i should to pay attention? I use ILGM schedule and schedule of feeding by HESI.

ILGM Support Tickett:

What is the strain? OG Kush, Jack Herer, White Widow

Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor

Size of space? growbox 60sm120sm200sm

Soil or Hydro? Medium used? Hydro

PH? 5,8-6 in general, but right now I use pure, filtered water (ph about 7,8), because I’ve just put the seeds in the mineral wool cubes and put it in the pot, and grow box… If I’m not mistaken first 7-10 days I should not add anything besides pure water.

Type of nutrients used? NPK? PPM levels? Hesi for Hydroponics.

Temperature? As in ILGM grow schedule

Humidity %? As in ILGM grow shedule

Light system/watts? 600W distance - 1,5 meter, 17 hours day and 7 hours night.

Vegetative Growth season or Bloom/Flower season? Number “weeks/days” from start of veg growth or into flowering? I’ve just put the seeds in the mineral wool cubes and put it in the pot, and growbox. 13.11.2014. Also is very interesting to know from which moment i need to count vegetative period?

You could PH you water the 1st 7-10 days at 5.8; Especially if you have pure water ph of 7.8

Lower your lights. Lower the lamp until it is too hot too keep hand, (palm down) beneath the lamp. Raise lamp, 2" at a time until top of plants fell comfortable

Hello! Ok, next time i’ll reduce ph of water at 5.8 with Acid. By the way how often should i change the water ? Of course i already lowered the lamp, immediately as you replied, thereby reducing the distance between seedlings and lamp until i could feel the heat. Thanks for a very timely post and response!!! thanx everyone supporting!

You should change your solution every 7-10 days. 10 days when plants are small, because they do not uptake as much, and there is less topoff. 7 days max. in flower. This is when you will be topping off daily, and should be able to make it 7 days.

Never top off more than the capacity of the original reservoir capacity. i.e. If in 5 gallon bucket. You use approx. 4 gallons. If you top pff starts to exceed 4 gallons before 7 days; Change solution. :slight_smile:

Ok. I use 12 liter buckets, with 6 litter water in each bucket. if i understand right, i must change the water (solution) earlier than 7-10 days, if it’s top off about 4-5 liters?? :slight_smile:

You are on the right track. Since you understand top-off, and understand that after 5 liters+, you would approach 100% top off. Yes.

Future readers; Understand this res was 6 liters, so after 5+ liters; We must mix new solution.

Enjoying a little vape from my old Iolite.

Ok, thank you)
Today my plant is one week. Tomorrow i’m going to change the water, and reduce the level of ph at 5,8-6. I also want to put in a same growroom, two new seeds (JH and OGKush), since those two unfortunately died(. I’ll reduce the ph ow water for new seeds as well.
I keep the temperature 25 degrees at the daytime and trying to make it 20-22 degrees at night. The distance between plant and lamp 1-1,2 meter.
From what point I need to count two weeks of vegetation period?

LOL. :smiley: Do not add nutrients or over water for the next 2 weeks. By then you should have a good 4-5 alternating leaf nodes on the seedling. Right now you need to keep sprout warm and moist, not wet. A small fan blowing indirectly, and causing movement of this plant will help strengthen the stem.

Just for support and clarification. One thing at a time. Patience.

p.s. I think I will start a couple Jack Herer , and an old OG Kush x SK#1; I have been saving. We will see how it goes. :smiley:

:wink: ok, thank you! And good luck to us with our OGK,JH, SK & WW… :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m doing ok with my WW, but unfortunately one more time i couldn’t save my OGKush and my last Jack Herer seed( don’t know why… maybe because of dryness…( But i don’t give up! and going to start with new OG Kush and one more WW, but not sure if they can grow with my 7-10 day old WW in one growspace??? Can i handle them in flowering period?? Thank you

You should be fine with OGKush and WW. WW’s flowering period is around 65 days, OGKush is around 55 days. I would just make sure they’re all ready to start flowering before I’d change the lights.

So it comes that the plant can stay at vegetation season for 3-4 or even more weeks, and it’s ok??

Yes. It can veg for months. Only thing to be concerned with is the eventual height. I veg 4 weeks because if I went farther, my sativa’s will reach my lights and even go over if I veg longer. When they grow outside, they veg much longer.

My White Widows are much shorter than my Sativa’s and could have been planted a month sooner without growing too tall.

Fine!!! Tomorrow I’m going to plant the seeds in a grow box. Now they get wet in a glass of water. Since I already messed up few seeds, I want to clarify once again a couple of points if possible. What should be the right distance between the water in bucket and the bottom of the pot with mineral wool? one, two or how many centimeters? and am i need to soak mineral wool fully in water before putting the seed in it?
and temperature. I regulate the temperature by opening the window. What is the best “night” temperature? Can it be the same, f.e. 18 degrees by Celsius, for my growing WW and new germinating seeds?

about 7 santimeters

hi! i ain’t change the solution for almost 10 days, and seems, that the top of mineral wool is completely dry, is it normal? don’t know what to do? lower two big leaves are more yellow, and the lowest, smallest leaves are rollin to the bottom more and more. the distance of light is about 90sm.+ small fan blowin indirectly, temperature 25 and 18-20 at night time. And good news from my OG grew from the min wool! knock on wood :wink:

I am sorry I cannot see as well as I used to. You should not start a seed in that big block of mineral wool. Try to find a suitable starter cube, for propagation. The mineral wool you are using is most likely hard to adjust for PH. This can be a big issue for young sprouts, and seedlings.

I must also advise you that industrial mineral wool, and rockwool are 2 different products, and only agricultural rockwool is acceptable to grow cannabis. :slight_smile:

Ok thank you, next time i i’ll get better rock wool cubes. But for now: i had ph level 8.2 the day before yesterday,and reduced it down to 5.8. My plant is two weeks old and about 10sm. When it’s better begin with nutrients? and what about the compatibility of marijuana and ‘Hesi’ nutrients for hydro???

P.S. And lastly good news from my second WW grew up from the min wool! now there are two WW and one OG in the house to be!knock on wood :wink: