Miracle Grow perlite WARNING!

So I’ve just noticed that the Miracle Grow perlite I’ve been using contains .49% fertilizer

well I thank the good folks at Miracle Grow for putting that crap in everything, but I wish they didn’t. I didn’t notice it I don’t want it, plants’s already in ffof (nuff said).

I’m going to buy the stuff at my gro-store now on, I just wanted to point this out in case anyone else is using it and also didn’t notice it


Thanks for pointing it out. Just spent a ton of cash on mediums and was gonna put that mg perlite in there


I couldn’t begin to tell you how this has messed up my whole day!

I’m almost 6 weeks into a ffof grow and I’ve just started adding nutes and now I don’t know what the hell to do!

Fox Farm ocean Forest (ffof) is very strong, some even call it a ‘hot’ soil, & although I didn’t have anything but beautiful growth for a month or so, now I have no clue how much nutes I need to add, so it’s kind of hit-or-miss now!

I do not add nutes by anyone’s recommendation/schedule, I add by instinct, but I’ve never used these particular nutes before so I was humbly learning and observing, but this throws a big monkey wrench into the situation :frowning: (drama and uncertainty)

I can see how this could mess somebody up, and they might never even find the problem! :frowning:

Edit: A question for the more scientific minded among us: @latewood @MacGyverStoner

If I soak this perlite in a big bucket overnight maybe even drain it once or twice from the bottom (in a brewing bucket) will I get the Miracle Gro nutrients out of the perlite?

I know just what you re talking about there @Paranorman. I used it all the time and Mr. Latewood finally got me off the stuff. He highly recommend’s Pro Mix BX as a starting point for medium and I will be going through him for other things
I must admit I was hard headed for some time but in the end he had me sold on it.
And yes fox farm Is hot for seedings. For now i. Mix my own soil and having much better result s.



Bro it blew my mind! And it’s in the already amped up Fox Farm ocean Forest too! :scream:

I’ve had no problems with ffof, in fact I’m loving it!

This is a picture of a 10 day old ilgm white widow seedling planted directly into ffof soil

Everything here was started in 50/50 perlite vermiculite and transplanted directly into ffof with a 25% Miracle Grow perlite cut, no wonder I didn’t have to add nutes for 5 weeks lol :slight_smile:

It’s just the unknown! …you don’t know how much of what anything’s getting… I’ve had a couple small issues but Cal Mag took care of it. I’m running my nutes at 50% now in grow and I’m upping my two autoflowers in to a 50% full bloom mix next watering

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…and so I’m still using it! :frowning:

I’m using it right now in my perlite vermiculite seed starter mix

…this issue may have deep and lasting repercussions :unamused: (suspense)

Just curious about how things turned out with your grow. I just noticed the same thing. Had no idea that Miracle Grow perlite was “enriched”. I’m about 24 hours from moving my seedings into soil. Just as I was getting my soil ready I looked at the bag and saw enriched on it. My heart sank and it may explain why some of my other plants pretty much tanked.

Sorry I just noticed that this post is 2 yrs old.

When growing plants in Perlite, be aware that it https://ilgmforum.com/searchmay cause fluoride burn, which appears as brown tips on houseplants. It also needs to be moistened prior to use to reduce dust. Due to perlite’s large surface area, it is a good choice for plants that require levels of high humidity. Evaporation off its surface area creates higher humidity levels than those of vermiculite.

Read more at Gardening Know How: What Is Perlite: Learn About Perlite Potting Soil Perlite Soil Info - Information On Growing Plants In Perlite

Use the perilote in your soil to transfer to bigger bucket the fox farm is all you need to start then when your ready to put out use miracle grow garden soil and perilite and 5 gallon bucket and works good but don’t forget to feed with fox farm nutrients

My first grow I used miracle gro perlite and fox farms ocean forest. It went really well. Almost too well. I then noticed that the perlite was enriched and switched to other brands and I gotta say my next two grows went terrible. Really rough time in general with everything. I recently switched to a water only soil, worm castings, and started using the miracle gro perlite again and my plants are happy as hell. Only amendment I made so far at one month is glacial rock dust due to a calcium deficiency caused by led lighting. I wouldn’t use any other perlite at this point than the enriched miracle gro stuff. I’m just so relieved that I don’t have to continuously stress over what is wrong with my plants anymore. I also use hydroguard, orca, armory, great white, myko, plant success organics, mosquito bits, azos, and zues juice