Mini coco grow cabinet newbie

Trying out a mini grow in coco. Going t o veg for a month then flower right away I’ve never grown in coco and I s hear the nuts requirements are a little different. I have plenty of flowering nutes( trio of fox farm solubles and tiger bloom), but my veg nutes now consist of miracid or bonide root and grow, and I also have molasses if that helps.does any one think these nutes will work in coco? I’m growing white rhino in a small cabinet under led lights, the plants are just a few days old. Any advice on levels of nutes and frequency of watering \feeding, I am new to the site so I don’t even know if I’m in the right spot


Welcome to the forum :sunglasses: @Frenchy
I’ll call a few in that can better assist you
@Majiktoker @Donaldj @Hogmaster

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I hear the canna Terra line is pretty good in coco, but I don’t use it. Just passing along word of mouth.

Mico grows are my favorite! Do you plan on posting any pics of your setup?

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@Frenchy Canna terra is for soil but they do a Canna Coco range (meant to be good) :relaxed:

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You are @Claypole4 they make a specific coco line, my mistake.