Milk’s blue dream or dream gone blue?

First off I’d like to thank the ILGM for their fast response to my issue with ordering photo and received auto. A few others you know who you are for the advice as well. ILGM took care of me and now it’s time to ride these girls out. Here is a little catch-up. Raised the light to try and get a Dli to 45. I think we’re on week 2 of flower. Any tips for this girl who’s a couple weeks ahead of the others?

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1 gallon of water per pot. Liquid seaweed and molasses. Ph down to 6.5. Checked the ppms today. All ranged from 1300-1600. Any suggestions? I have calmag on order and will be here for next feed.

Anyone have plants similar to looks and how did they turn out?

Gave the girls a good gallon and a quarter drink when the lights came on. See how they do in seven days.
Half tsp calmag 1 tsp molasses /seaweed

RH- day/night 55/45f*
Ph6.4-6.5, run off Ph 6.2 waiting on ppm stick.
Waiting on magnifying glass
Ppfd 750-800. Had to put stands underneath the short girls to even out the canopy and raise the lights.

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I think she’s about ready. Just gave her a gallon of water today after no water for 9 days. What’s the next step? The other plants are behind so how do I go about taking care of her?