Blue Dream Autoflower Indoor Grow

Continuing the discussion from Started my first grow this week, here's my beans:
Photos from last night which would be 18 days in the dirt 15 days above ground.

This one doesn’t seem to like the ocean forest soil, but it’s hanging in there.


It’s looking pretty good man. Personally when I do LST I like to bend it a little further up less chance of affecting the root system or dislodging it in some way. But they’re looking nice and healthy :grin:

What did you say you’re using for nutrients?

Yeah I probably could have waited a little longer. No nutrients right now.

I was more talking about that support you have on the bottom it should be about an inch or two up and that’s where the Bend should be not at the soil. You can still adjust it go up about an inch or a little more off of the soil and use your fingers to soften the stem a bit then put your base support and bend the plant you can actually kink it and it doesn’t hurt the plant it’ll just form a knuckle and get stronger :grin:

Ah I see thanks

If you look at the base of the plant that I just harvested you’ll see the bends and where I started them.

I adjusted them to a good bend and a straight stem. See what it looks like in a few days

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Sounds good man :grin::pray::potted_plant:

Nice choose i had blue dreams seeds auto now this is my now


Happy growing :green_heart::metal:


Took these yesterday so, day 20 above ground. 3 of 4 doing good. The 4th still lagging behind, but hanging in there

I think this one is starting to show sex

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Good job on the LST :sunglasses::+1:t3: the plants look nice and healthy :100::grin: keep up the good work, just remember the best nutrient we can give our plants is our shadow :heart::potted_plant::pray::grin:

They are really starting to take off now. This is Day 23 above ground.


It looks like they’re starting to flower you’re moving into what’s called the stretch phase :sunglasses::ok_hand:t3::100:

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Chop day for the front plant😁

This is by far the best indoor plant I have grown!

The flowers all the way to the bottom are Frosty and beautiful :heart::sunglasses::potted_plant: can’t wait to try this in a few weeks :100:

Hope everyone enjoy the rest of the weekend!! :heart::sunglasses:

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Gorgeous! :heart_eyes:
Congratulations :clap: :confetti_ball: :bouquet:

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Love it :ok_hand:


@TomServo - Are you planning on topping or FIMing at all or just LST? I’ve been reading and I’m finding mixed opinions around higher stress methods for autos. Best I can tell, folks are recommending week 3 or 4 for topping autos (if one plans to take the risk), when you have 3 or 4 nodes. I’m not exactly sure when to start counting nodes (like which set of leaves is the first node)?

Everywhere a branch connects to the main stem is a node. Start counting from the true leaves, for autos I would top no later than the third or fourth node. And I would use a bit of LST in the first 4 to 5 weeks to get it set properly. You don’t really need to top to be honest if you perform LST properly you will get plenty of tops. I did not top this plant at all just did some LST


Wow absolutely gorgeous!!! Well done my friend :clap:


I am not going to top it this time, maybe on a future grow. For now just lst and pruning