8 Weeks Since I Germination

Actually of Feb 17 2020, I thought this plant would live. It was that day I think it had a few sets of leaves. I had hell getting seeds to germinate. I think these are Blue Dream ILGM.

I am using the Happy Frog and have rarely used any FloraVeg or Florabloom Additives. I am using 100% distilled H20 at about 32 oz a day PH-d right around 6.

Should I go another 30 days? What weight after dry will a plant like this produce.

I only picked some fan leaves once…Quite a few I might add. I felt like they were casting too many unlight areas. I am using a Spider Farmer 1000 LED

18/6 cycle…and going to stay with it… Auto Flower…I think this is Blue Dream.

Any Tips?


Today. This Plant is 2ft tall. Seems like the buds are small.

How much longer should I grow it and what will this yield dried out? 1- 1.5oz?

by my count you have about a month.

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What kind of weight will this auto flower provide best case? 2 oz?

not sure, I normally grow photo, but I would think 2-4 Oz’s each plant min

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Only grown autos so far. Ive had some success. Your plant looks great. 90 days give or take a week or so is pretty average. She will bulk up quite a bit still. Weight? Hard to say but 2 oz should be easy.

How will I really know when it looks sugary?

I am planning on keeping it on 18/6 to the finish line. I went Happy Frog with Worm Castings… Rarely feed it. Spider Farmer 1000 LED, 10" away, but it does not get over 77F rarely in the tent. 27x27x5 Marshydro. I have ordered a filter. It makes my mouth water going into that bedroom!

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Should I pull some of the Fan Leaves? I never Pruned this. Just pulled a bunch of Fan Leaves about 2 weeks ago.

Post pictures when you think it is ready brother, People will give you their opinion. Like I said, their opinion, the final decision will be yours. She will tell you when she is getting close to ready :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:


I hear you. I don’t really know anything, but this forum has given me enough to get me this far. I am thinking she has a way to go.

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Looks to me like you are just starting the bud formation. For the next 3 or 4 weeks you will probably see noticable bud growth daily @Work4iT the white hairs will shrivel and turn brown. Once it seems like the growth has stopped you will have at least two more weeks for the buds to ripen. Looking good so far though :+1:

Should I pull off any of the fan leaves? I did once about 2 weeks ago, but have done no pruning of any sort. Unsure what I should do in the future?

Well defoliation is kind of a personal preference some people would say leave them on . I would probably take a few more of the big leaves in the middle of the plant . I also have friends who take off every large leaf off and get some impressive yealds. You should probably do what you are comfortable with this grow and then try more or less next time that way you can decide what you prefer . Growing plants will teach you more than all the reading you could ever do .


I am going to continue this thread. This is my first grow. IGLM pretty sure this one is blue dream. This is my first plant to get beyond a seedling.

I think in retrospect, I would prune the next one I do to keep it more low and bushy. I have a 27,27,5ft Marshydro tent, SF 1000 LED. I am not sure but I think I over watered the plant recently. Some of the fan leaves on the main stem have discolored. I may have also over fed. I have used the General hydroponics bloom set. I read it is ok for dirt plants also. I do have a hydro system I want to try later in the year.

Today the plant is around 28 inches tall. I took a few fan leaves off. Did this once before a few weeks back. I also pulled some of the branches down so the light can hit the buds better. I am thinking I still need around another month. I germinated this seed right around 1 feb and on 17 Feb I thought it would actually live.

I am slightly concerned with the slight discoloration of a few upper fan leaves, but I do see some you tube videos where this does not seem that uncommon.

I am using a 5 gal mesh pot with Fox Farms and Worm castings as my dirt. I have not fed the plant that much but today being one of them and 2 previous times this past month.

I am using distilled water with Ph around 6.0 the entire way. I have probably only fed this plant 5 to 6 times the entire way.

Here are a few pics. Hopefully the buds will start further development. I am guessing another month to go.

My question is, should I keep feeding the plant or does the soil contain enough nutrients for the rest of the way. Does anybody have some feedback on why the upper tips of the plants are browning a bit?

Should I try and bend the plant main stalk or tie it down away from the LED. I am about 10" away and there is no really more upward adjustment to move it up.

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today after I tied some branches down. I removed a few fan leaves to allow the light to hit the buds.


I would say she’s hungry and want’s p and k to pack on some weight.

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Some pics from today.

I changed my watering strategy. I was every day watering around 32 oz. I have gone to the soak, run off and feel the weight of the dirt bag by lifting the entire plant. I did feed the last watering with hydroponic bloom solution. I have never added anything from the micro bottle becuase, again, I am brand new and clueless.

I am guessing around another month. Any feeding tips at this stage? I have included a pic of available stuff I have to splash on them. :slight_smile:

I have been PH monitoring and have used distilled h20 the entire way.

I think on my next grow I will be more agressive with feeding. With my Fox Farm and worm casting bed of dirt I just have not fed that much. I do have some discoloring of the leaves, but the last feeding I used slightly under the bottle directions feeding formula which may be too strong. I plan on going with water for next couple times then maybe one more feeding.

I bought some Cal Magic, not sure when or why I would need it…LOL. I did use fish fertilizer when they were a few weeks old once or twice, but since then a few times with the veg and flowering mixes from the Hydroponics trio of soultions. Should I mix the micro with those each time?

I am guessing around 20-24 May to be finished. This thing popped thru the dirt around 8 February. Give or take a few days.

Today Pic

. From this point forward will the buds develop much more for last 30 days? They seem small, but I am still excited about the first real attempt at it.

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I have not watered in 48 hours…when I lift the bag, It seems like there is still water trapped in the dirt by feeling the weight…

At 8 weeks stage…5 gallon mesh bags, I am adding about 35 oz of water…about a quart each time.

Can somebody tell me their 8 week watering and feeding strategy for this stage in the game

My last 24 hrs I have been in temp range 70-77F around 40% on humidity.

The way flower goes is first three after the switch to flower is stretch then the next three to four weeks you will notice bud growth daily then the final week will ripen. While they are ripening you won’t notice the growth but you might notice that the branches start drooping more as the buds put on weight. as far as nutrients I can give you my nutrient schedule but you might need to tweek it a bit for soil @Work4iT

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