Mildew, bugs WTH?

One of my girls has been drooping. Thought it was stress from topping. Today I found what looks like a white power strip on two leaves & something had eaten on the leaf. I’ve get de, just went into transition week ago but humidity has not gone under 60°.
Don’t wanna lose my girls
Any ideas?
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neem oil will keep the bugs off too @Laurap

Pic of what youre seeing?


Sorry just getting back. Had to work a party last night. I’ll take a pic as soon as hubby gets up but when I saw the white stuff my first reaction was to get it off. I wiped it off and there was a stain on leaf. Found out hubby also freaked out and shook de all over them. This is my sensitive plant. She shows all stress first .

@Laurap, check under the leaves that had been eaten to see if it’s not aphids that you’ll found… Here’s a picture of an aphid


There are two home remedies that you can use as organic sprays to take care of your aphid problem. The first spray, tomato leaf spray, works especially well if you also are caring for tomato plants.

To do this, you simply combine two cups of water with two cups of chopped tomato leaves and let it steep for one entire night. You can then remove the leaves by straining the liquid, and pour the remaining liquid into a clean spray bottle, then add two more cups of regular water. You can then use this spray on the leaves of your marijuana plants – focus especially on the bottom side of leaves, where aphids like to live.

Another option for a similar mixture is finely chopping an onion and two garlic cloves, then blend them with two cups of water. Strain the pulp out and spray the mixture on your plants.

You can try an organic garlic oil spray instead. It kills all sorts of pests (one of which is aphids) and also has antibacterial and antifungal properties that will keep harmful diseases away. To make it finely chop three or four cloves of garlic and combine it with two teaspoons of mineral oil. This should be left to sit for 24 hours, after which you should strain it into a gallon of water, then add a teaspoon of liquid dish soap. You should then store the resulting mixture (i.e. in a plastic jug), and use only two tablespoons combined with a full spray bottle of water.

With the garlic oil spray, you should definitely check that it won’t damage your plants before spraying the entirety of your garden with it. Take the solution in the spray bottle and spray it on one leaf of a marijuana plant. Then let it sit for one to two days and return to it to check if there is any leaf damage. If there is (characterized by yellowing), then you should dilute the mixture even more and test the solution on a new leaf each time. Once you successfully have no leaf damage, you can spray the full plant with it – once again, focus especially on the bottom sides of leaves

For the powder mildew, a good home made approach is a 40% of milk and 60% of water mix , shake well and spray all over the plant, every part of the plant (stems, leaves and buds alike). This works so well because the milk has protein in it which reacts to the sun and naturally forms an antiseptic. This antiseptic is what kills the mildew.

Hope that helps you Laurap

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P.s. You can find a good commercial solution in the shop, here’s the link Bergman's Cannabis Plant Protector | Shop Online at ILGM


You’re my angel, baby girl. Many many thanks

Bookmarked that one! Thanks Al!


Thanks, but the credit goes to the “symptom checker” since I have done a copy/paste :wink:, lol I do know these tricks but felt a little lazy, lol :wink: :innocent: @ ktreez420


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Just wondering if these organic sprays work on other insects as well? Sprayed girls w/tomato leaves.