BUGS on my Blue Dream! HELP!

Reaching out to ILGM gurus, please help me identify these bugs and what to do about them! I think I caught this fairly early, definitely pre-infestation, but I know it can get out of hand quickly. I think these are aphids, but am not sure what the best course of action is to get rid of them. Can someone please help?

Many thanks, Burle.

Yep… that’s an aphid. Where there is one, there are more. And most of them don’t need to mate to crank out hundreds and thousands more.

Get 'em!

Indoor our outdoor?

aphids have a real soft shell.
The way I do is I go and get a bottle of alcohol say 70 or 90% and mix it in a spry bottle say 25 75 and spray them little critters. The alcohol will evaporate clean and will kill them on contact. Later you can wash your plant durning harvest.


Little buggers, I heard the females lay up to 12 eggs per day and create up to 60 in their lifetime. Thankfully I caught it early.

@AAA Indoor. Not sure how they found my plant, perhaps they got through the screen mesh on the window, but that seems a little tricky.

@garrigan62 thanks for the remedy suggestion. I ended up reading this ILGM post and sprayed some garlic spray that my wife had in the garage last night. This morning I found only two remaining aphids so it looks like that worked. I’ll keep spot-checking of course. I think the key thing with growing cannabis is being super attentive and looking your plants over on a daily basis. Thanks again for your help.

Glad to hear you got them little suckers lol but i was gonna say lady bugs ??? But i also learned from this thank you now i have more remedies to cure the Cure lol

I use Diatomaceous earth mixed with water. Spray it in and let it dry.

Thank you, I hadn’t heard of that before. Do you need to rinse the plant before harvest?

Use food grade. no rinsing necessary. 4 tablespoons to 1 gallon.

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Murdering bugs is fun!

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The diatomaceous earth is actually an awesome supplement of silicon AND also has insect killing benefits. It’s dug out of the Earth as an ore, then broken into chunks, rocks, pebbles and dust. You can find it just about anywhere, as a pesticide, gardening soil additive, even some speedy dry will have it as main ingredient. I add 1 cup of dust to the 5 gal of soil prior to transplant to combat a host of bugs and to maintain moisture. It holds double or triple what perlite can by weight. No way for immunity in bugs, it is actually calcified shellfish, crustacean and other hard shelled oceanic life. The insects get the exoskeleton cut and their internal fluids run out Great stuff, everyone should add to any MJ growing inside or out

That sounds like a good solution for blowing away bugs, but how safe is it to inhale that stuff through a bong after harvest? If it ‘cuts exoskeleton’ in bugs, I can’t imagine its that gentle on lung tissue, right?

Lol!! I imagine if you inhale the dust directly, yeah, could be a problem! But I’m pretty sure the plant won’t magically absorb the dust out of the soil through the roots, up the stalk and stems, into leaf and bud (through osmosis?) Somehow manage to make it through the drying then curing process, survive grinding up, put in bowl and fired up into smoke, pass through the water in the bong, and end up causing lung cancer… shit… Maybe I’ve gotta burn this crop now… lol!
In all seriousness, look it up, Wikipedia has an in depth detailed description. I found a ton of stuff- pretty sure it’s approved for food prep areas, hospital, schools… should be good and put your mind to rest. Then, enjoy your bug free smoke!!:grinning::grinning:

I drink it with water. Lots of health benefits to humans.

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