Microbes and Self Watering Bases

Hey all, I just received my AC Infinity self watering bases and was wondering how I should add Fish Shit and Recharge? Should I just put them in the main mix before I split it up? Each base holds a gallon. I’m worried it’s going to settle in the bases and not get used correctly. @Tylersays @Graysin ,do you guys have any thoughts?


I’m not familiar with AC Infinity’s setup for their self-watering system. But, my approach for adding things like Recharge (which settles out rather terribly) is to add it directly to the pot. For an autopot, I just pour my Recharge water directly into the tray my plant is sitting in.

I don’t entirely understand the AC system because I haven’t seen it in action, but it sounds like a similar alternative to autopots with a recirculating drain-to-waste system. I suspect that my approach would work just as well for your system.

I use FishSh-t in autopots and Voodoo Juice and Piranha. It does fine however the reservoir is always agitated by a wavemaker. I am not sure how it will do in a wicking type system. Have you tried searching microbes in Hempy Buckets?


No I’ve never even heard of that butler I’ll look it up thanks

Another term is sub irrigation planter SIP.

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