AC Infinity Self Watering Base Questions

I just started using the AC Infinity bases on a grow that is about 8+ weeks along in living soil and I have some questions.

1 - I’m confirming that I can add nutes like CalMag to the base water for feeding. Yes?

2 - I don’t need to Ph my basin water. True?
I know that Ph changes as water sits out, so I’m not sure how you’d maintain it as it sits in the basin.

3 - Top watering occasionally for things like a Bloom tea is okay as long as there is a bit of run off so salts don’t get trapped in the middle. True?
(I know autopots are different)

4 - How often do you need to replace the wicks? I’ve read some people replace during a single grow and some say after each grow.

5 - How do I know when it’s time to replace the wick? Something I should look for?

6 - What other tips or “I wish I had known” advice do you have on these?

Tagging people that I’ve seen that use these in my searches on this subject. Feel free to add anyone else!
Thanks for any input!

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I’m in living soil as well as using the ACI bases in my growth.

1 - I was told by ACI that you should only use plain water as nutes can clog up the lines.

2 - I still PH my water even though I know it’s going to adjust some. But the living soil should regulate that on its own.

3 - I top feed with compost teas once a week. Never to run off because you will flush out the nutrients in the soil. But I do let the bases dry then give it a day or 2 to dry out then top feed with tea until pots are fully watered so almost run off.

4 - I would definitely recommend changing the wicks regularly. I hadn’t changed mine since 7/1 and this week I noticed plants not uptaking water and the pots were dry. My lines were clogged and barely giving water to the base. It also had the one of the worat spoiled smells. And I’m only using water.

5 - you will smell it. Im going to replace mine every 2-3 weeks

6 - soak your lines before filling the bases as it helps the wicking process. Also lift your pots occasionally as I have seen roots growing into the base on others grows. That is the reason I let them go dry before refilling as well tonprevent roots in the base.

Also, I have seen others putting air stones in theirs as well. Which i may do after this grows.

ACI also added this to their site


I have the original bases and just received a box of the new XL size. I do not use any type of feeding/nutrients/additives in the reservoir. This WILL clog the wicks. I mainly use the bases for watering when I’ll be gone for short trips. I’ve used the originals on 3 & 5 gal. bags and had no problems. I am looking forward to using the XL on my 10 gal. bags next.

To replace the wicks I use Amazon. 50’ roll, 1/4" Round Cotton Wicks = $10.49.


Thanks for the info on replacement wicks.

I’ve completed a couple grows using the bases and the only real advantage I see is a drip basin to collect runoff and by filling basin with water, a way to get an extra length of time between watering.

I used them successfully this summer with an autoflower outdoor grow. I was gone Monday through Friday and using the bases kept the plants happy for 5 full days. I top feed, and then filled base with water.


My wicks only clogged up from using stuff like bembe/microbes the thicker nutes , however the roots of the plant also grew along the wicks to find the water ,as soon as I switched to jacks 321 in the base the wicks did their job and there was no more clogging ,
Thanks also for the info on the wicks I’m going to buy some as I cleaned mine constantly o think I could even still use them but like the idea of newer ones


Just scored 150’ of 1/4 inch wicks on Amazon $10.27 with tax and shipping


I also wanted to add ,I use jacks 321 at full strength into the bases every single feeding ,my wicks have not clogged once during this grow
However my first grow with the bases I was using a lot of fox farms nutes which clogged the bases in just a couple weeks ,

Actually right now going to fill my bases again ,every other day they need it

I NEVER top feed ANYTHING after seedlings begin using the system

After my first mishap I cleaned the original wicks and finished the grow with no issues ,I cleaned them again and that’s what I’m using now ,

So one set of wicks has lasted me two auto grows with cleaning them but only after the grow not during

Jacks 321 is pretty much clear water after being mixed and there’s very little substance added to each gallon
It’s working for me so far ,
I do want to eventually get to a No till living soil so I don’t even use nutes


That grow looks great! All with ACI self watering bases?


Yes sir if you mean mine

The wick material can be bought so cheaply and easily on Amazon
It’s probably even worth just discarding the wicks after every grow
But my first set I got three uses out of them cleaning them in hot water and I could have gotten another tent it of them too

Here is the current tent of tester seeds I bred myself on the same bases
4 corners RQS diesel automatic x NASC white label lemon skunk
The larger middle one is The same RQS diesel x Blimburn headband
The smallest one is yeti wedding by @Graysin x rqs diesel

All female autos

The last two pics above are buds about 8 weeks cured from the tent you asked about
Really dense tight buds
All of those were yeti wedding too


Those look great!! How long you been breeding?


Lmfao what you see on here is my first stab ,however I wasn’t just blindly choosing any plant ,

So this picture ,the bush is the one I reversed ,a RQS Diesel automatic ,the smallest plant is a blimburn headband that you can see I cut and harvested a tad early just so I could try and pollinate the rest ,the other is a NASC white label lemon skunk
Those were both pollinated naturally outdoors
I also took pollen into the first tent you asked about the bases from .

The current tent is a representation of the offspring ,which I also pollinated using the same pollen I saved in the freezer so those will be back crosses,
I have no experience at all with breeding but I knew there was something about that diesel that was different from other plants it grew three headed and so vigorous
The lemon skunk next to it is a decent sized auto for my outdoor spot that probably needs more sun ,and nothing I’ve grown before grew like that diesel ,
So then I started researching how to try and get seeds from it
And honestly people I’ve met on here gave me some great advice and I got lucky maybe .?

Unfortunately there aren’t any S1 seeds just offspring on other plants
However I might have access to one more of those rqs diesel seeds and I may try reversing again but this time interested in those seeds ,maybe this same trait that grows bushes will emerge again from its children

I’m also aiming to save enough pollen to back cross the back crosses
It seemed to pollinate this current tent having been in the freezer
When these seeds come off I’ll grow one outdoors it will be perfect timing and I’ll pollinate those too


Well things happen
Why not see if I can get it to root
Not doing it In the tent tho incase the trauma freaks it out .
Why do I already know it won’t happen
Still hearing Bro science voices

If it roots I’ll try to reveg ,and replant ,and then reverse .lol


The above is being stoned and thinking you are posting to yourself ur own journal when in fact ….

Not the first time
And I apologize


Lmfao - so many times


lol miss you so much my friend …nice to see you here !!!

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Hello! Your post is a life saver. I just switched to these self-watering bases 5 weeks into flower hoping for a more hands-free watering approach. Using soil with 30% perlite and the Fox Farm trio nutes. In less than a week of keeping the bottom reservoir the the pots were very light, but the reservoir had plenty of water and nutes. They had been chugging a gallon from the bases every day or 2 prior.

If you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions, it would me a lot.
What medium do you use when only bottom feeding Jacks 321 with these bases?
Do you every need to flush after switching to bottom feeding? The manual says it only wicks water to the bottom 1/3 of the pot, so is the top 2/3 will dry out and become quite salty, right?

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