MG Soil Organic

My last grow was using the Mirical Grow with the nutes added … It was like a 6 month slow release … Now I got a bunch of ribbing about using this from a lot of people … They still came out decent tho … I dont have a lot by me and noticed the box store carries MG but in organic …

They also have another line that states " feeds for 2 months" … … Are any of these 2 decent options or should I try going to one of the local nurseries here and get it from them ???

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I would chose the last one. Both are OMRI Listed, so it can’t be bad stuff at all :smiley:


I tried finding exactly what’s in it. This is the best I could do. Perhaps it’s listed on the bag?

They dont carry that 1 , they have a 3rd choice

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That’s for in-ground use. Are you planting outside in the ground?

I just noticed that , def gonna be an indoor set up

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This would hold the water longer and isn’t a good choice for indoors. Sill impressed that MG has OMRI listed products.

With enough money I could probably get an OMRI stamp on a McDonald’s cheeseburger, lol


Agree w/@BobbyDigital we could get OMRI certification by just ”consuming” the chemicals before addition to the other organic additives. It’s a silly process to get certification.

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OMRI is non profit tho … ?? What benefit would money be to them ??

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Why not go with Coco and organic nutes?

I am going to try to … I have a , neighbor, who is footing the bill and I am trying to save her money … I called a few nurseries close to here to see if I could get organic siol, fine shredded coco, perlite , and coco chunks to make my own … They are closed weekends , but I am going to try and show her the dif. on store bought soil and making my own super soil per say … Think I may have a prob. getting bat shit and casings to mix in …

@bluethumb I would highly recommend not mixing any dirt, shit bones or whatever with coco. I’m battling that now lol


I was just about to say the very same thing, I see it every day. Using coco really messes with the P H
if you want i’ll give you my recipe on making your own soil. It’s all organic and I have used it for two years now with no problems all I have had to do is water my plants, here’s a pic of my Blueberry in my super soil



I would appreciate that … I’m getting mixed reviews … Some say treat the soil , some , use nutes in the water … This will be my second grow … The first time was with MG slow release … The grow was OK , but didnt get tight buds and it wasnt really potent … ( N. Lights ) I am not an expert but I dont want to have to do rocket science and have to micro manage the soil and water … I figured if the soil was good , all I would have to do is make sure they are watered properly with out all the mixing …

I’ve done a bit of reading, and it appears as though organic nutes and microbes have a hard time establishing in non-soil medium.

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I was told the sugars in the coco screw with the ph levels …