Metrics, oh how they can be ignored or valued

Gotta love em right?
I mean if an entire social framework can be dependent on metrics shouldn’t we promote full transparency? The antithesis of leveraging data is not cherry pick it right?
What moderators are haters and don’t like posts of certain members because they got their bum bums er I mean egos bruised by said member?

Sipping tea not expecting much as that would require fairness and transparency.

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@Fever is there a question?

I am 40’yars old.
I have been on forums since 2001.
I work in “big data” sector.
I stop being a member of forums.
I still work in big data.
I stumble on this site.

What do I see?
Scary stuff that probably exists on other sites but I am not aware because I took a break from forums.


What I see here is a metric/algorithm based measuring system that is very offensive to me but that’s not the point (to me any analytic system is flawed and evil, just ask me and I will expand).
The point I am making is that all these measurements that the forum collects to “deem” someone altruistic and of good character is not being directed to the moderators just the members.
So in summary :

  1. I hate those metrics and analytics with a passion because you can’t use them to understand people.
  2. It’s one sided and should be used on moderators as well (trust level, personal politics, etc)

It’s lopsidedat best.

But I don’t know anything about data collection and motives don’t I? Lol

I don’t understand what you mean :joy:… To much time in green room I guess :joy:

“Good member” has a definition based on #of x or y posts
Frequency of visits
Number of liked posts
My point is twofold

  1. You can’t jusdge people with metrics so that is an insult to all
  2. Moderators are not being held to the same standards

And finally as a result:
Common sense and instinct are dead.

Welcome to the future your voice has no value and metrics collected by machines determines your legitimacy

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I personally don’t care, I give my likes who deserve it and I visit the forum when I want :joy:… Or I don’t understand what you mean againe :joy:


If your number of likes per visit didn’t meet the minimum requirements of their algorithm you would be penalized.
Penalty determined by “them”

  1. Banned?
  2. Reduced status?
  3. Unable to post?

Or some other penalty

That was a small example.


By not noticing this you are falling within the margins of “good behavior” as defined by then and you will not notice any interference/consequences

I was off a period of time and nothing is changed, I still have my regular status… So I don’t know anything about that…
My opinion is that you put to much brain in this kind of stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… Roll a joint, set him on fire and enjoy your life, today you are here but tomorrow…never know what can happen :+1:


Did someone piss in your cornflakes? I am yet to see why a title or badge is important if you think it is than that would be ego at work.
The system defines a person as regular member or basic using a algorithm you are right and really if you just come here to learn and read who cares title trust level?
You are suggesting that mods have some say in it? wrong I don’t set adjust tags or trust levels I read every thread at my leisure within 24hrs of it starting keep language and content within guidelines. Also that people are not getting mislead or confused directions.
Also lets not forget that people aren’t sharing private info threatening or giving hate speeches etc. If you feel you don’t get enough likes or that the staff isn’t kissing your arse often enough for your liking feel free to move along


Not only that @Fever but the policies in place have created a more polite and considerate forum than I’ve seen anywhere else. If you have so much experience with forums why didn’t you credit the moderators with that? Which, if you’ve been here any time at all you have seen for yourself.

Who gives a crap about status? I’m here as a refuge from the garbage in my face daily and I only see this as rocking the boat to elicit a response.

But I could just be high lol.


“Badges?!?!?! We dont need no stinkin badges!”
I agree with @Donaldj, the best “badge” you can get is that first nug from that first harvest! Still waitinf on mine! Jan 17 gettin the :hocho:


@Fever I am also in big data and various analytical methods. I understand exactly everything you’re saying, but I don’t understand why you’re saying it. The badges and stats aren’t something any of us even care about. They’re just a feature of the forum software. The only functionality I’ve seen depend on it is at 1st, to make sure people aren’t bots or trolls, you’re limited on how much you can do. That’s totally common in forums, especially topics of a potentially sensitive nature. There’s also a cap on how many likes you can give. I don’t know why on that and don’t really care honestly. It’s certainly not a popularity tool. It’s as much an acknowledgement- a quick way of saying “hey, I saw this”. True, there are badges that get acquired and what not through various actions and things that happens. Guess how many times I’ve looked at someone’s profile to see how many or which badges they have. Go on, guess. I’ll give you a hint - it’s less than once. Is there something wrong with you? And I don’t care if there is. We all have our thing. But maybe approach more softly to find whatever it is you seek. Do you want to be here? If not, the inadequacies of the software bothering you has a really easy fix. Leave. If you want to be here, let’s find a better way to communicate yes?


Man I did just look at your profile and you’ve been here a minute. Why all the sudden upset?

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I almost feel like I understand what @Fever is saying and have maybe even seen some instances where one could believe that. But in my opinion they seem more coincidental than say anyone being singled out.

I’m relatively new here, but I involved myself and now almost feel like I have a few friends here that I’ve never met. I do spend a lot of my time here conversing with those handful of individuals, and the majority of my likes are gone within those conversations. There was actually a comment of fever’s that I wanted to like earlier. I was out, so responded inline and then moved on. I certainly don’t value your thoughts any less than anyone else though.

Within a couple of days of being here I inadvertently pissed in the big mans cereal. He was certainly sure to let me know too. Since then, I have noticed someone with a title post something I thought was questionable. I simply ignored it and moved on.

I do feel like there are a few different cliques here, but it’s just like minded people gravitating towards each other from what I see. I know I certainly don’t qualify who’s comments I will like or respond to. I rarely bother to check anyone’s profile, and I couldn’t tell you which badges I have or don’t have. That stuff doesn’t matter to me. I will also agree that this is definitely the most friendly forum in the cannabis industry I’m aware of.

I will leave a bit of constructive criticism, and don’t take it wrong because I’m the same way. But you also leave a lot of sarcasm in some of your posts. It doesn’t bother me, because I catch it and think it’s funny. There have been countless times where I just wanted to ask how someone how they even managed to log onto the internet. But the majority of people out there can’t handle that without their fight or flight mechanism kicking in. Probably just as many too dense to realize you’re just messing with them. It’s not like being at work where you see people everyday and eventually figure them out. A bad first impression can last a long time.

Just my thoughts partner, take them for whatever you need to. On a separate note, any luck getting that light replaced?


Well said my friend :+1:…cheers tenor


i feel like you are talking to me brother @dbrn32
great message!
and i remember when this happened

and it was resolved with knowledge!


I just wanna grow and chat with great people @Fever you being one of them I do not understand the math behind data like you do so it is way over my head but love the forum and the over all community maybe if I was in your line of work I could understand better
I hope this is something you can reconcile as you are a part of this community and would hate to see something like this discourage you from continuing to be a part of this unique group of folks we have here happy growing