Metrics, oh how they can be ignored or valued

I think your fever has taken a toll unless your running for class president I,m not quite sure what your rant was about its a forum of like minded people talking about a hobby or pain relief .It,s free ,it,s fun lots of good info sound like twitter is more your ego stroking media. And @VelcroThumb the badges thing i’m still laughing .


You’re definitely not someone that I have felt that way about, otherwise I probably would’ve just asked haha.

Still have an hour to go before likes are back…


Thanks! Think I’ll hit that j too


A lot of what I was trying to convey did not connect and as a result I am reading about a dozen incorrect summations. Let me try to clear some up.

  1. I am talking about forum technology in general not specific to this forum. Got it? At no point was I pointing a finger at this specific forum.
  2. I didn’t want this to turn into a “wow why are you so mad” thread. I’m not mad.
  3. I am not talking about badges. I am referrring to the algorithmic “guard rails” in place in all modern forums. Sure maybe a badge is a part of it but a small part.

One thing I found quite sad is that someone said that we need these things to be civil to one another. I personally find that offensive on behalf of the human race. The reason we are civil is because we are decent people and that should be the only reason. Sure it helps when you relate the seedbank with the forum it does add more maturity (slight digression).

Sorry to bother you all. I won’t stop thinking though lol that’s what joints make you do! I didn’t ask for a character analysis either but yes I don’t hold grudges but at the same time like to joke around and make levity of situations. Not here to make friend just help people. As you were…


The focus of these guardrail son members and not moderators is also an observation (after re-reading my initial post I didn’t want to forget the other poulintbinwanted to make)

What about “trust levels” for admins?
What about a grading system for them?
See my point?

@fever if they are admins, that is their trust level. Like it was stated before, it is a way to weed out trolls and bots from a forum with sensitive natured information.

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I agree you need trolls taken care of but I see more going on in the forum technology sector that is manipulative from a behavioral perspective.
I see more than a captcha going on here

@fever it sounds like its one of those things that isnt a problem until someone makes it a problem. In the end, what does it matter? Are we really so self absorbed that we need validation from everything in our life? Cant we just use this awesome forum as a way to share knowledge and help others grow, figuratively and mentally? Dont martyr yourself over this, it is such a small cause to firmly plant your feet against


@fever and i get that i am not in big data and all of this is just Greek to me. Im sure, folks who know how the industry works, look at it from a differenr point of view

This is exactly where you are pointing a finger

Have I closed this thread? I think most of the time we Mods are plenty transparent and let people voice opinions we don’t like or agree with all the time? You are forgetting that in order to be able to edit and respond to each thread there needs to be way to overide system. Honestly I spend more time on forum than in my garden and I am sure many of the mods are same way I know my plants suffer for it. I do things in my garden for demos and testing I certainly wouldn’t normally if I weren’t a mod I also am quite open minded and even when I am fuming mad I try to stay polite.
I spent hours daily on forum helping people before I was ever asked to help mod I share both my successes and failures constantly with forum. I and other Mods are not paid before you jump to the it’s your job thinking and yes we tend to be like minded at times but we work together so better we get along?
If you prefer we were unable to boot trolls or spammers than you would see how fast forum goes down hill I do have badges and a profile too. I may not have a limit to likes but also am subject to same standards as any member if not higher as all my actions are tracked and visible to all other mods and admin.
Your right though I am still human and with only 20yrs of growing under my belt I likely don’t know enough and admit it all the time that I learn as much from members as they do from me.


No I wasn’t going to say “it’s your job”.
I am asking out loud the question of how all the technology is just blindly accepted s helpful without any check or balances.
I will probably see these things on other modern forums as they probably share the same or similar software.
Just saying that I am not a fan of the way things are heading that’s all.
Yes I was using the example of moderating moderators to show how there literally is no end in sight and without a careful consideration at each step (aka not blindly following along) good decisions will be made. Yet if we swallow it all without question where does it end?

Yes I am ranting about technology and I have worked in technology for 19 years (in Jan).

I don’t like what I see today from a technological perspective. Anywhere. Period.
So maybe you could say I know too much or care too much whatever but it’s real and it is getting worse. Rant over.

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I get messages for posting too often in thread or typing too fast and am also subject to flags and any admin actions I take are on a visible log and both subject to review and on record and yes we monitor each others actions :wink: If you are that concerned with where tech is headed little anyone can say to set your mind at ease besides ditch your phone and computer and close your bank account find a quiet little place in Nunavik


You need to up your meds or find a hobby

@Donaldj is right.
It sucks but we can’t stop it, so I try to slow it as much as possible.


Like how would you feel if in the very near future there are brain scans at airports (and subsequently other places) that “flag” you for a more thorough check if you have “excessive” brain activity or basically are not inclined to blindly follow rules, because they deem you to be exhibiting signs similar to someone who may commit a crime.

Am I happy that I’m probably right? Not at all.
Willd says similar things about surveillance.

“Don’t worry”
“Don’t think about it”
“Just go with the flow”
See my point? My messageboard rant is over and I’m in airports now lol


Woah wow hey!!! We have a winner!!! Did the algorithm predict I would go “off grid”?? Lol this stuff (analytics and metrics) can easily lead to lack of common sense, rushes to judgement etc etc etc ("the data suggests he was a quiet one ") isn’t it something we need to recognize? Well I do it’s now your turn.

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@fever i think you are missing the point. @muffybunny was only drawing attention that you’ve been here for about 2 years and now you wanna make a big fuss about an issue that, quite frankly, only you seem to care about

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I think we’ve flogged this dead horse enough haha!


Is that not what having the ability to post grants you?

I actually think this is yet another dimension of data analytics. Sure if you want I can stop talking about it but the point has been made and we are seeing examples everywhere. Should I not state the obvious?

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