Maui-Wowie seedlings - what's ailing them?

Germinated these two weeks ago and planted them into small pots with 50% coco coir, 25% worm castings and 25% perlite. They are under a flowering-temperature T5 fixture but I am going to put them in my tent under LED in a few days.

Then I will transplant them into 7-gallon grow bags with Fox-Farms Ocean-Forest.

What’s causing the discoloration of the first leaves as depicted here?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give. I want to go into this grow on the right foot.



How often do you water them? Are you feeding them anything?


Looks like they are hungry I would transplant into the ffof an see how they bounce back. Maybe heat stress to I have never grown with coco so honestly I’m no help. But I do think that transplant will help. Won’t need to feed once you do transplant them into the ffof just ph water but those won’t get any better so look out for the new growth


They look very hungry. Coco itself is an inert medium meaning it has not nutrients in it at all. The worm castings helped for a while, but possibly not enough. You could transplant into the ocean forest now or start feeding them and see how they react.

Forewarning: coco and soil mediums are tough to mix together to water/feed at a correct pH.


i’m going to disagree with those before me. they appear to be experiencing nitrogen burn. worm casings have a ton of nitrogen. just my two cents


Is that coco buffered with any nutrients? If not @Breed89 makes a good suggestion. What is your watering frequency and PH?


Watering is every three days or so. I’ve been on two multi-day trips since I germinated them, so they have almost dried out by the time I got home.

No feeding yet. Just the mixture. I was thinking the worm castings would hold them until I got them into the FF mixture. I can give them a weak fish emulsion or seaweed extract if you all think it’s worth a shot.

I still have two seeds so if these do not react in an optimal manner I can start over.

Would he really have to feed tho? The coco might not have nutes in it but the roots are probably past the coco an looking for food. Wouldn’t the transplant into ffof soil which I hear is a pretty hot soil solve the hungry issue for a few week’s with just ph water calmag an other additives of there choice.


Yea nitrogen burn to so will the transplant help since ffof is a hot soil?

From the way I understood the original post, coco was mixed with worm castings and the germinated seeds were sprouted in that. I don’t add anything but perlite to my coco but I feed from day 1. If @ezwicky transplants up and into the OF soil then they would just have to water when dry and possibly add supplements like a Cal-Mag. On the other hand if they chose to stay in the current pot, the actual thing to do since I didn’t ask questions would be to water till runoff and check the TDS and pH of the runoff. Then decide if feeding or just watering regularly could solve the excess/deficiency issues.


Yep your right if he stay with the coco/worm dookie lol excuse my French lol then test them runoff numbers an feed when needed


Thanks all! I’ll definitely be transplanting soon into the permanent home of FFOF in 7-gallon grow bags. So maybe tomorrow I do a weak dilution of fish or kelp to tide them over.

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Make sure you check your runoff to see where your number are

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I’ve grown this strain (ILGM MW) more than any other strain and have crossed it more than any strain.

MW like higher temps (85), 50% nutrients, dry soil and not watered a lot. It does well outside.

When you are starting out - stick with Fox Farm Big Bloom and Worm Castings (PH 5.91) and you won’t overfeed them because they are 0-0-0, and will give it what it needs. Wait until 12-15 days that it comes out of dirt before you give it anything else or start your Base Nutrients.

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Worm Casting have N but not a “Ton” of it - and it’s organic, so it wouldn’t burn them. Mostly Worm Castings come as 0-0-0 and aren’t as potent anyway after 120 days … so worm castings are not the issue here.

So, take a WAG on this issue:

  1. too much water / watering
  2. water not PH’d
  3. Not using organic simple 0-0-0 nutrients for first 12 days from popping.

ok, the worm casings i buy, nitrogen is the most abundant nutrient in the mix. therefore you should expect some nitrogen when you water.

also, you’re right that organic is harder to burn plants, just not impossible and but it’s very easy to do when they are seedlings. organic nutrient overload can kill seedlings just like synthetic.

i’ve done it before. and it looked like this.

anyway, have a great day everyone.

Abundant?? Read the label. I’m sure it’s 0-0-0

0-0-0 can’t burn.

I transplanted them today. FFOF in 7-gallon grow bags. LED light on lowest setting for a day or two, then gradually will increase intensity and height above plants.

Wll do a SCROG with these since they are mostly Sativa and my tent is only 60" tall because of low basement ceIMG_2621



Just ph water am calmag for 3-5 weeks or til the ppms go under 1000

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Is there any sense at this stage, in preparing compost tea, for microbial activity? Or am I getting ahead of myself?