Maui Waui Seeds not sprouting

I placed these seeds in tap water on Nov 6th until tail came out.
I placed then in PH 5.5 adjusted rock wool cubes tail down.
They have been under a 40CFL Lamp at 6-8 " from cube since.
They have not sprouted yet??? I have not watered them as the cube seems moist to the touch. They have been domed and temps 75-82 degrees.
Any suggestions please?

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How do I get support to answer a question?

@Sirwinney Are you going to be in soil or hydro ? I just use tap water no ph when I start and I don’t care for the rock wool because of this reason

I think your water is supposed to be pH 6.0 to 6.5 Not sure if that would have any difference in this situation.

I am doing hydro in dwc…
What else could I use for dwc? Thanks

besides the rock wool…:+1:

You can use peat cubes, rock wool or anything really. But if I was you and I were using rockwool I wouldn’t germinate first. I soak my rockwool as prescribed by the manufacturer. Shake em out so they aren’t dripping, make a seed sized hole and drop the seed squarely in the hole. I dont attempt to orient the seed in any way. I take some trimmings of rock wool and very gently stuff them in the hole on top the seed and spray lightly with the PHd water. Place them into my dome tray and wait. This way the tap root is not disturbed and the seed ca do its thing. I then wait until root is clearly visible after they sprout and wean them off the dome. I personally am too cheap to buy hydroton so I use small beach pebbles from our lake. Wash em off real good lay em in the sun for a day and presto good drain rock.

I can use these peat cubes here and then place in my Hydroton once they sprout and roots are visible? Do I leave the netting on when I place in hydroton?
Thank you

DO you put them under any light once you place them in peat and dome them?
If so what kind of lighting and distance?
I want to do 2 more asap once I hear back from you.
Your help is appreciated!

Yes just leave that on, the roots will pop out the bottom

No need to provide a light source to germinate a seed, they cant see it anyway as they dont have eyes! Also they are buried under ground! They only require moisture and warmth.
Once the sprout surfaces and opens its cotyledons ( the Mickey mouse leaves ) then they require medium intensity light relatively close to the plant to prevent stretching. At this point, you may wish to mist the soil gently each morning when the lights pop on. As well, provide a gentle breeze to promote a strong stem. Dont put whatever light so close as to be warm to the back of your hand - that’s a tad too close.

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