Material to cover walls in grow room

A question from a fellow grower:

I was wondering what the best material to use to cover the walls in a inside growing space.

The best way to go is paint your walls and ceilings with flat white paint. It cheap and very affective. Don’t use gloss or semi gloss paint I know how it sounds but it doesn’t work as well as a reflective surface.
Truest me I painted houses for 32 years.

The other way is to use malar, I’m pretty sure you can find this at your local hardware store. And I’m really sure it’s more expensive than paint…lol
Hope this helps

B Safe

I found some sun shades from the dollar stores and taped them together

I don’t know what thoughts are but do they work

B Safe

Panda Plastic, or Flat White paint.

Mylar is a favorite among growers too;