Reflective insulation any good?

Went out and bought some reflective insulation for my 2X4 closet grow would this work good ? not worried about heat since i have my door open with a curtain.



It looks like an improvement over closet paint to me.

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my closet is white but dont rlly reflective at all probably the cheap white paint xD

Flat white paint is actually 93-97 % reflective.:+1::v:


My walls are white as well… I have a big roll of mylar and haven’t even used it most of it.


There is a video a fella did about wall coverings where he used flat white paint, panda poly, and mylar reflective material such as that. The flat white paint worked the best, the panda poly a close second and the silver coated material was surprisingly nowhere near the other 2. Obviously he used a light sensor for the tests. Im sure it would be an easy google search.


next time check out “Orca” reflective material but ti’s expensive !! (rated the best)

you could do your floor , maybe bounce more light up on walls. Just idea mate, cheers.

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Flat white paint is the best for the grow room.
I did use this product though in my hydro tent to insulate my individual plant stations and my reservoir.


i have white paint but i belive is the cheap white paint lol doesn’t really help so i bought the reflective.

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