Ideas for my walls in my grow room

What can i do to enhance my lights. I hear mylar and leds go together.

What are our best options?

I used flat white paint in my closet.


Yes and yes

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Flat white and done. Seems too easy, but cool.


Foil backed foam insulation board would work well. You can also buy rolls of the stuff they use inside grow tents to hang on the walls.

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Any certain places one can obtain the reflective wall paper?

Amazon, vivosun, or ac infinity websites

Thank you.

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Reflectix from lowes if you choose to go with something like that. Flat white paint work as well.

Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


We planned on 1 inch blue board for (sound) which doubles as insulation and half inch silver board insulation. I plan on mounting 5000 btu ac into ducting for this 4x4 room. D a m that looks top notch. :ok_hand:

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