Mars hydro lights never again!

Just a heads up for anyone looking for budget lighting, this is only my experience but I’ll never buy these again.

I bought 3 TS600 lights direct from Mars Hydro to guarantee they were genuine, within 2 months I had problems with one light not illuminating the whole board until I turned it off and back on. Eventually the one section stopped working all together. I contacted them directly with my warranty information and initially they seemed helpful they offered a replacement but it dragged on for a while they offered another light for a £25 fee I agreed and asked to pay and I’ve heard nothing more since this was weeks ago.

The whole warranty process has been ongoing for nearly 2 months with nothing resolved and to top it off one of my other lights has started dimming in one section just like the first one did.

I know they’re not expensive lights to buy but they are if you have to replace them every 3 months or so.

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Thats sucks. Hlg all the way!


Thanks for sharing your experience. Good to know.


The ts600 this their intro light. I have not had a problem with the SP150’s and the TS1000’s series lights. They only grow one plant with a 2x2 foot print. But if you can’t afford HLG light s they are the way to go.


Yeah I can’t speak for their other stuff but TS600s in my experience or trash and the customer service so far is not great either.

I’m now running Viparspectra lights the build quality looks much better than the Mars and have built in heatsink and dimmers also assuming they honour it a 3 year warranty but I’m saving to go HLG so hopefully won’t need the warranty and can sell them on once I’m done