Marijuana Moonshine?

Hey guys, i’m only starting my first grow but i’ve been making my own moonshine for a long time. While reading some threads here on infusion and extraction I started wondering if I could somehow infuse it with weed? Then I got real excited when I saw the one about distillation extraction but upon watching that video it looks like it requires a much higher temp than distilling moonshine. I could hang some in the distillate path but that would only be for flavor and aroma. I’ll keep researching when i’m not having to concentrate so much on keeping plants alive and actually have the material to experiment, but I was wondering on your thoughts. I @Graysin and @Fieldofdreams are two of the ones I remember from what I read, but all opinions are welcome!


Simple method would be to decarb in the oven and then do a simple wash in the moonshine with everything chilled in the freezer like an alcohol extraction method.
I suppose you could also just do a wash with Everclear and just add it to your shine as well.

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Why not just add concentrates to your shine?

The higher temps are necessary to convert THC into THC-A. It would be unnecessary if you decarb your weed before processing it into a concentrate.

Note: iirc THC is fat soluble, so you may have to add fats of some sort to your shine to maintain a homogeneous THC distribution in the product. It might take some experimenting to get it right.

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Thanks for the response guys. Like I said, i’m noob and I knew you guys would have insight. I’ll definitely be experimenting if I can get something to grow.

You can infuse moonshine with cannabis but I’d do as stated above: decarb the flower, then do a QWET and add that filtered tincture to your 'shine. The big thing to be concerned about is introducing a ‘weedy’ smell and taste to your alcohol. Doing a cold extraction for less than ten minutes will preferentially extract the goodness without the off taste. Chlorophyll is your enemy.

I’m retired from a whiskey distillery so have some idea of what I speak. You might be able to use a gin basket in the vapor column before your rectifier but suspect you’d end up with a weedy taste.


Het thanks for the input!

That’s what i’ll probably end up experimenting with then.

Yeah there’s a few ways I could get the smell and taste but I guess the temp thing would keep from making it a one stop shop as far as thc goes. Thanks again for the help, I may wanna pick your brain down the road if I get stuck.

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Happy to help. But I’m most familiar with small stills like 500 gallon lol.


LOL! Well I could scale down a little till I get the hang of it :laughing:

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From the still it turns green and tastes funky. It’s best to infuse it in a jar then strain. Still tastes funky. I finally gave up.

Good luck with it, this idea 15 years ago turned me into a home distiller. I can make killer Malted Bourbon, Rice and Rum but I never could master making weed liquor.

So, I been tole it can’t be done

Without some serious money that is.

Good luck

Ya know, all my experiments were with grain or malted grain and using a mesh gin bag in the thumper with about an ounce of killer.

Or infusing it into a couple jars then running that again.

I tried forwards and backwards.

Never tried fruit :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Just wasn’t into fruit in those days

Hey man thanks for jumpin in. I was thinking about fruit that way you could pair flavors with your weed. But I don’t know from what you said… Hell I know i’ll end up tryin something. @2GreenThumbs

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Yeah I never tried a brandy run with it. Distilling and growing cannibis are both an evolving process. Back then I was learning and learning with grain.

Thc will also absorb into milk, and I see some make a milk moonshine now.

I think my problem with it in the boiler is most of the good stuff is stripped in the heads.

In the Thumper it left the funky taste and the oil that I found unworkable.

Soaking it in 180 proof triple distilled rice moonshine for a week then strained and cut to 100 proof and then cut again by mixing it to make apple pie shine makes a good drink with a weird high that I found I didn’t like.

Good luck with your experiments and I wish you luck with it.

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Apple Pie & ice cream, Hmmm…
Thanks again man, take care.


I’ll take bottle soon as your done :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: sounds awesome :100::fire::palm_tree:


Hey man, if I can get it done you’d be welcome to a jar :tumbler_glass:


Apple Pie moonshine infused with the goody good?? Im in and i dont drink liquor. I used to make alot of homemade hooch but it was in a 5 gallon bucket with yeast, fresh muscadines, sugar, a bubbler, and patience :rofl::rofl: id bottle it up and give it away for xmas or bday presents. Last run i did , i let it go for nearly 9 months, strained it 4 times, and gave the whole 5 gallons to a friend. Said it was some of the best homemade hooch he’d had in a long time. I bet i made hundreds of gallons and never tasted any of it :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Alcohl boils below 200F and decarbing needs 240F, as mentioned above.

Decarbed first, then used the Everclear Solution on the decarbed weed and make Kalua.
Morning coffee improved.


@DEEPDIVERDAVE ,Yes please :rofl::rofl: my kind of coffee :coffee::coffee:

Now that’s restraint!

My still starts spittin some around 170ish and I run it slow from there. shut it down around 190 when most alchol is gone. Hmmmm, Kalua could be doable with the infused milk :thinking:


Asked and answered by the other fine folks here but yeah I would do the following:

Soak the bud in everclear - make QWET. (There’s a great blog from @blackthumbbetty and later @Caligurl took the reigns as edible queen)

Once you have the QWET, then decarb. It improves the flavor overall.

Add your desired amount of decarbed QWET to your alcohol of choice and shake the bejeesus out of it.

Figure at 750mg per 1 gram of QWET. A standard 750mL bottle would have 1mg per 1mL of liquor for 1 gram of QWET.

A standard shot would be 44mL (measured from a jigger anyway) so that would be a 44mg drink. Soooo approach that with caution!