Anybody ever try this goofball idea?

So here’s a thought:. decarb some bud or trim, make an Everclear 190 tincture, then, mix THAT with your oil of choice, or honey and evap off the alcohol. I know the chlorophyll from trim will be transferred and hope the oil or honey will hide the swamp taste.

The real question is can you get the THC INTO the oil (and have it stay there), bet you can. Even if it takes a run in the blender (outdoors so you don’t blow your ass up- the blender has a brush-motor that creates sparks you don’t see) to whip it in, after the alcohol mostly gone.

WHY would I do this? Because everything I read says oil takes longer to make and doesn’t extract all of the available THC. Wish I had a ton of weed to try this with- have some may give it a go- am I nuts?

You sound like mad scientist material. LOL I’m not sure but i’d sure be careful with that everclear. That stuff can bite you really quick if youre not careful. Good Luck with your experiment!


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I figure the alcohol is used to dissolve the fats, and same with the oils-not so sure abouththe honey. I read last night someone in another forum tried it but let it sit and didnt mix it. The everclear part is a little scary as it is so flammable.

Anyway, most ideas are dumbass ideas till someone makes them work.

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Actually that is how shatter, certain oil concentrates, and tinctures are made. They use Isopropyl Alcohol to make shatter, and then completely evaporate all of it out using a vacuum chamber. They sometimes do use EverClear, but this is much more expensive than Isopropyl, but it is safer for consumption if you aren’t sure you can evaporate all of it out.

They generally use a cold water extraction first though, to remove the trichomes from the leaves and or buds and remove the “green” vegetable material from the mixture, or other methods, before then using the alcohol to further refine it.