Everclear Extraction, Decarb before soak?

I didn’t decarb before putting in alcohol. Am I screwed?

@bryan, I did that the first time I tried a tincture. The result wont be that potent unless you soak for quite a while, but you will notice the difference when you do decarb next time.

I was going to make a skin salve with glycerin and Benadryl but it would have to be decarbed first. Plan now is to make some buds soaked in tincture then rolled in keif. That should be able to be activated when I smoke it. (I hope!) Thanks for your response @Paulcrf

I did the same thing last year. No psychoactive effects as far as I can tell. I wish I could decarb it now, but pretty sure that is impossible.

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I’m hoping it’s decarbed when I smoke it. Kinda like an accidental dab

What do you mean by Decarb never heard of that and i use the same thing


That should work. Not sure what smoking the Everclear will do to the process…

@garrigan62, decarboxylation. Turning THC-A into THC. Basically you bake the cannabis to remove H2O and CO2. I have used my oven at 240 degrees for about an hour and a half. I really don’t know what the process would be for making butter and such I do this for alcohol or veg glycerin tincture
My info comes from the web as I am no scientist…lol
This process happens right away when you smoke it


I will set mixture outside, alcohol evaporates, leaving tincture. But now ya got me thinking… I bet the tincture/alcohol mix would make a great fruit punch.


I started with quart jar of WWA, filled it with Everclear and soaked 48hours. Then strained into Pyrex and letting it evaporates now. Using heat not an option. Luckily I have more patience since I started gardening😇, (according to wifey)


What are you doing with this mixture? I might have missed something… :wink:
Just curious… :wink:

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it turned into tar consistency. Used it spread on papers, then covered tar with hash from my pollen shaker, then rolled a joint. actually about ten joints. It was quite messy to make and use. If I had a dab rig then, it would have been perfect. But the joints kicked ass and lasted all day. There’s a pic somewhere on here of the paper with it on there before I rolled it. (found pic under “SuperJoint”)


I’m in the same boat as you. How long did it take to evaporate?