Marijuana leaves turning yellow from the inside upwards

A question from a fellow grower:

Every day we are loosing more and more leaf. The leaves began yellowing in the center of the plant on the bottom…moving upward. It does not affect the buds. We remove the leaf and it is replaced by another. The plants are about a month from harvest. We downloaded you books and tried everything you suggested to no avail. Should we just harvest now and take our losses. The plants are grown outside in native soil enriched with cow manure and Black Gold potting soil. Our garden is down hill drainage-wise from our chicken yard and we use pine shavings in the coops. We fertilize with Jack’s Classic as directed. We have grown there before and did not have this problem. We live in West Central NM at 8000 feet…the area is very volcanic the soil requires a lot of help…soil temp at 3inches never rises above 55 degrees. This years monsoons were not good and we have used more well water than usual.

It was affecting just the pan leaves. Now the small leaves along the bud are turning yellow. It started in the center of the plant…no veins in leaves just over night more will be completely yellow. We picked all the yellow leaves off daily…yesterday was about 1/2# of yellow leaves.
I’ll try to send you some pix of the plants later today. Some of the buds are starting to get cloudy but I’m afraid we will have to harvest before they are ready at this rate.

Looks like a plant that is finishing. Plants towards the end of their life cycle tend to use the stored nutrients in the plants. Perhaps it is more Indica, and less Sativa than you are used to growing, and is harvest ready sooner.

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