New to growing looking for advice on when i should harvesti

Got some yellowing of some of the lower leaves. I am guessing it is from the weather dropping at night. Going down to average 5 C every night now. Any tips would be appreciated

this is a very common question. We have a bunch of answers about how to determine when to harvest in these couple of links from not very long ago at all, I think one of them was from as recent as only a day or so ago.


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Also, be sure to check out Robert’s blog:

What about the yellowing? Any one with advice on time frame of harvest frome the pics?

Dowload the free book as well.

The yellowing in the leaves could be due to numerous things, I’d need a lot more info. Check out the support ticket link at the top of most categories, especially the beginner category.

And the pictures are not detailed enough for me to be able to give an opinion about ripeness of the buds, sorry, the best I can say is it does look like you are still maybe weeks away.

And here is a direct link for you convenience: