Main cola broke off when covering

Should I treat the exposed end of the trunk in any way?
Still have a month to go before harvesting.


Some will put a dab of honey or pure aloe (not perfumed, colored, or with any other additive) on the wound to help it heal more quickly.

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Google “Tree Grafting”, make clean cuts (alcohol sterilized), match points of contact, splint and tape it up like a broken leg. Probably to late but you could have, with some effort and a bit of stress to the plant gotten water and nutrients flowing back into the xylem (interior cells of the stem).

yes it would have been too late. Probably occurred 12 hours earlier. It’s OK Plenty of buds where that came from. So what I actually did was insert a honey impregnated tooth pick only an eighth of an inch into the pyth of the stem to reduce access and prevent infection. Hopefully no issues.

thank you guys