Broken branch what’s next?

Last night we had a very hard rain and one of the branches broke at the stem. I taped it up like you would a graft and will keep a sharp eye on it. My question is has anyone experienced this before? The branch is heavy with buds and the rain was the straw that broke the canabis’s back. I would finish cutting it away but then my fear is that the plant will be susceptible to pests and disease.
Any advice will be appreciated.

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I have broken/torn branches by too hard of LST training. I slather honey on the wound, put it back together and tie it up and keep an eye on the surrounding areas and the growth above the damage. My bad’s have always bounced back and knuckled up at the damage site. Hope this is your outcome as well.


When you say broke , do you mean completely off, or do you mean kinked and bent it? If it was kinked just tie it where you want it and it will be just fine. I have first hand experience with this.


Yes Sir, got a lil aggressive with her and she snap just honey her up and she’ll love you again in a week or so.

Thanks for the tip. I never would have thought about using honey. The break was noticed this morning around 6:30 and now it’s around 12 hrs later and I don’t see any signs of dying. Kind of looking forward to harvesting that but like I said I am worried about pests, disease etc. so unless it starts dying I will wait.
Again thanks.

Honey or aloe can be used as an antiseptic. I use it at topped locations as well

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The branch broke away from the stem but the fence rot it from hitting the ground. I have tied it back with some stretchy tape. Lots of advice about honey but I don’t want to unwrap it at this point. I will keep all of these suggestions/advice and hope it never happens again. Also if my technique works I will share as well.
Thanks for responding. It’s great to have so many knowledgeable people to rely on.

24 hrs since branch snapped. Attached photos show my patch job and what this particular branch looks like. I really don’t want to lose the beautiful bud nor any of the 15 or so smaller buds. I will continue to keep a close eye on her. If need be I will remove the branch and dry but this girl is still to immature to chop.
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Gotta give them pics a chance to 100% upload, each. One at a time :metal:

Trying again:

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Electrical tape for me. Anything that holds well but stretches.

The green tape is stretchy and something I have used before. My wife has several large perennial gardens so that is always on hand. Myself I prefer annuals that burn well and stink a little!

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I have had a few break on me. I use Teflon tape to repair at that break and just give the stem extra support further up so it doesn’t move around while healing. I had the main trunk on my blue dream split down the middle a month ago. Wired and taped it back close as tightly as I could and never saw the plant skip a beat. These are tough weeds.

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It’s been about 3 days since the break. Things look well. Thanks for all of everyone’s help and support.


I find myself in need of more advice. Here are the most recent pictures of the buds on my broken branch. The advice I need is this: I will be away from home for approximately one week the second week in October, how close to harvest do you think it will be? I was hoping to have my girls drying before I leave. These pics are approximately 1/3 of the way down the plant(I can’t reach the top without a stepladder), there doesn’t appear to be any amber in the thrics so please your best guess will do.