Auto help broken

So today I was defoliating my girls today when I unknowingly broke a branch at the stalk. I put a tie to stabilize the branch, is this the only thing I can do or am I doomed

I’ve used tie wire and duct tape. If it’s not a clean break it should recover. If it’s a lower thinner branch, you can consider just removing it. Don’t need to waste the plant energy on saving a tiny future cola. Good luck!

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@Sixpackdad. Any thoughts on a dab of honey to help with healing ? Heard it works for this but never tried myself.


Maybe I should give more info and a pic.
My girl is a Amnesia Haze in her 6th week. She has been budding for a good week 9 days.

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That’s a new one for me too. Hadn’t heard that.

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As @Sixpackdad said above. You should be o/k. I see another lil tear on next one up to left as well but doesn’t look broken.
Best of luck and peace. :v:

Honey just helps heal quicker


Honey or aloe Vera I’ve seen people use both successfully.

I tipped a large piece of furniture on my plants a few weeks ago and put them back together with electric tape

Go get your self some honey and put just a little on the open wound and tie it up or tape it and she will be good as new in no time.


Thank you I will do just that

better yet; this work for me cut a straw in half and make the patch works goood.



I have it tied up real good I’m most concerned about loss of growth since it’s a auto so far it seems to be ok the branch is not showing much stress but I’m sure it’s to early to tell since I’m still only 24 hrs since I broke it

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I agree on the honey
I have also used grafting tape and if you don’t have that some blue painters tape works well and comes off easy when it heals as long as you didn’t snap it off repositioning it and taping it should fix the issuehappy growing

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I’ve always used a rooting gel and some tape, Green horticultural type. Probably any tape would do. Ties tend to cut into the branch. Never heard about honey…I’ll try it next time!
By the way Sharkbite, are you a plumber?

Carpenter lol

I’ve used honey and wire and it healed up fine.

Awesome dude, keep on building and growing! Peace, right on and out of stew

I can 0