LST Guidance - GG4 Auto

Hope I’m not posting too many questions.
2nd grow…. (but first auto and first indoor).

My question (on down) is regarding fan leaves and LST.

The plant would be over 12” if I didn’t tie her down. You can see in the pic that it is now very short, squaty and dense.

She has what I “think” will be 6 colas. But I’m struggle to get light to some of them. I tie down what I can and “tuck” leaves as I can.

— Question - Is it acceptable to trim a few leaves in order for the colas to get light? Or should I let it grow more and ultimately be able to tuck and tie for better light?

Setup and grow specifics below. I’m in day 34.


  • Seed - GG4 Autoflower ILGM
  • Sprouted - 2/9/23
  • Medium - Coco + Perlite (Mother Earth)
  • Container - #5 Airpod
  • Fertilizer - Jack 321 + silica & epsom salt
  • PH - Target 5.8 - 6.0
  • PPM Inflow - Target 900 - 1,000
  • Water/Fertilizer - 3 Times Daily (till runoff)
  • Lighting - 750 PPFD at 24”
  • Temp / Humidity - US Deep South. Temp and humidity usually high. All over the place in spring


  • Tent - 2x4 AC Infinity
  • Exhaust Fan - AC Infinity Cloudline Pro T6
  • Exhaust Filter - To be purchased
  • Oscillating Fans - 2 AC Infinity (always on)
  • Light - HLG 350R (18/6 schedule)
  • Dehumidifier - Cycles on at 65% humidity
  • Heater - Ceramic on controller heats to 75 degrees
  • C02 - No supplemental C02
  • Watering System - Halo top feed
  • Frequency - 3/day runoff of 10% - 20%
  • Outflow - To waste container
  • Water Tank/Container - 15 gallon
  • Wave Maker - SunSun Mini
  • Pump - Lifts water to top & drops back in

I will trim autos when necessary. There is also the option to remove only a “finger” of a leaf to allow light to get in. Hopefully she is about to do the explosive growth stage and those side branches will stretch out into the open.

Me too. Just above the Fla panhandle. :beach_umbrella:


No joke…. First I’m feeling for all y’all with nasty snow and freezing cold temps, stay well…. Coastal FL panhandle had like 97% RH for days straight and now like 40%…. I bought chapstick… It’s the difference between a S wind and N. Among the things you all can keep :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Only dumb question is one not asked man. Ask away. These amazing people in this forum are here to help. Everyone wants you to be successful with your grow. Beat the hours buddy and don’t worry about it