Amnesia Haze Autoflower - LST

This is my first semi-serious effort at growing my own. I’m open to any and all constructive advice. I’m growing 4 plants, two Amnesia Haze (feminized, auto flower) and one unknown (feminized, auto flower) and one White Queen (feminized).
I set up a 5.5’ x 5.5’ x 7.5’ insulated room with 90cfm intake and exhaust using 4” duct. I have two 300w GalaxyHydro LED lights and two Sunblaster T5 lights on a 20/4 light cycle. The room stays about 77 degrees with everything running and cools to 66 at rest with RH at about 40%.

I’m using soil from my vegetable garden, mixed with about 30% perlite in 3 gallon fabric pots. I started the seed in jiffy peat pots after soaking them in water for 24hours. The plants broke the surface after two days. I transplanted them into 3 gallon pots on day 5 and have been growing nicely ever since. I’ve been feeding them Advanced Nutrients Micro, Grow, Bloom since day 7 at the recommended feed mix ratio (found in their nutrient calculator) rotating the recommended feed ratio in between watering. I give each plant 32oz of either water or tea every other day.

I’m using LST to keep them low and wide. Each plant has ten or more colas at this point (30 days in).


Where is the lst?

Sry my autoflower look like that with pulling it to one side. I dont understand what your trying to accomplish

I’ve already accomplished what I was hoping for, which is more colas all the same distance from the lights. The last autoflower I grew without any training had great top buds but not so much for the lower nuggets. I’m hoping for more top buds. I’m not going to mess these much more at this point, except to keep all the colas relatively the same distance from the lights.

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I think you looking pretty good so far bud
I’m growing my first indoor grow also using the galaxy hydro 300 w led lights
I have 4 total but only running three at the moment and getting ready to flip to 12-12 thinking this weekend
Good luck with your grow :+1::v:

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Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971, I’m happy with how its going so far. I used a single Galaxy300w with a T5 last year to grow two Amnesia Haze autoflowers within my early tomato plants :slight_smile: I could not believe how incredible the autoflower plants did. I think I’m sold on this method. I will always have 3 plants growing two months apart (6 total) without have to worry about going to 12/12. I’ll harvest roughly every two months.

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a few more from today (Day 30)

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Nice I have 5 going now getting ready to flip to 12/12
Starting to draw up plans on a proper grow room so I can section off flower and veg rooms and get a rotation going as well but need to finish this grow first lol :+1::sunglasses:
I’ll be watching your progress bro have fun and good luck

It certainly is a lot of fun. Thanks again @Countryboyjvd1971 Wishing you the finest harvest.

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I am amazed at how fast the Amnesia Haze plants entered flowering. At Day 32 all AH colas are showing great signs of progress. The front two plants are Amnesia Haze, the rear right is a feminized White queen and rear left is a feminized autoflower but I don’t know the strain (seed mix up). There are no hairs on the unknown strain. I’m going to keep the White Queen in veg for a long time, & make some clones along the way.

ILGM Amnesia Haze Feminized Autoflower Day 32:


Beautiful setup sir! Can I ask how did you perform your LST/HST/topping/FIMing/super cropping? How many nodes did your plant have during your first top?

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Thank you. I do not top the AH plants. This is my first attempt at LST. I simply continually bent the dominant stem down and away from the light and or away from any smaller promising growth. The smaller growth eventually caught up in size. Pretty soon I was bending those too. Each plant has at least 10 colas. I’m using ribbon, shoelace, soft braided twine, basically anything I can pin to the side of the fabric pot that won’t cut into the plant. I did top the white queen (twice).


Thanks that’s brilliant! Don’t you get 2 times the yield if you top as a sibling though?


Does it maybe sacrifice a few trichomes? Idk some research has to be out there somewhere? Maybe a guru can chime in on this one

I’d love to stay updated with your Amnesia Haze Fem (not auto). I bought 3 girls from ILGM this tuesday! I have my growing medium and fabric pots 3x 1 gal and 3x 5 gal plus my rock wool cubes👍🏼 I’m ready for spring!

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Looks amazing bro good job!:+1:

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Topping plants increases your yield by eliminating the main cola. As long as the main cola is there your other buds will be smaller because the plant is programmed to make that cola big. By topping the plant you basically eliminate that signal while splitting that cola into 2/4 new tops. It also slows down vertical growth allowing all new growth to catch up. If you are going to top autos you have to do it early because they flower quickly and you don’t want to top in flower.


I hear what you are saying, and have seen those results but because these are autoflower plants (short cycle) I’m trying not to introduce any trauma. This is an experiment. I topped my last auto flower plants, one did well but the other suffered. I am topping the White Queen, just not the AH autoflower.

I changed my light configuration today. Arranging the plant in a line instead of a cube.

I also just cant seem to stop myself from continually bending down the dominant cola.


By no means was I suggesting you top your plants I was just answering a question. I only topped because this is my first auto grow and I only topped one. Looking great love the setup you have come along way from when you were first asking questions on this site. Keep bending and repositioning as they grow your doing a great job.


Hey man how’s your girls doing today? I’d love to see how your auto haze are. I have haze fem on the way :+1:

They are doing fantastic @AmnesiaHaze, thank you for asking. I upgraded my mini facility today, a simple but necessary change. Each pot is now in it’s own saucer. The saucers are slightly tilted forward and have drip hoses to capture the runoff.


Run off is good. 15 to 20% i leave in the bottom saucer . I let the plant take it back up.