Love Wisconsin but

Wisconsin is an awesome place to live, but its cannabis policies are archaic. I think the Rep. senators are drinking too many martinis. We are surrounded by legal use and medical use states. So I decided to help my fellow users by, first turning them on to ILGM site. Then, I upped my production significally. I am a 70 year old Viet Nam veteran who grows for other vets with PTSD. Anyone who has been to war knows how awful this condition can be. The VA first used opiods to treat vets, proved not to be a really good plan. Cannabis has helped vets from Wisconsin greatly. Some vets went out of state to purchase product, but it is so expensive. So I give it away to people who can’t afford it, and charge enough to cover my costs to others. Went from growing some from myself to about a pound a month. Top choices are Northern Lights, GSC, and Gorilla Glue. So if you are from this great state, call your senators.




I hope they open their doors to medical and/or even recreational marijuana soon, and I back and support this cause, but I think it has little to do with their political party, and a lot more to do with their personal beliefs, considering how many Rep. states have pro cannabis laws in place, Ok being a great example. Best of luck and hope the change the laws soon!!

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Well stated @CoyoteCody

All you can do is write your senators. Republican, or Democrat, state your case, and flood them with letters, emails and calls.
Unfortunately too many in office are out of touch with the people that voted for them. That goes for any party. Best of luck to you in Wisconsin. Been there many time. You’re welcome to take the ferry across the small lake… @Dillard


Indiana is much the same, though we do have a conservative state legislator who has been fighting for MMJ (without success.)


Alabama is the same. Rather shove pills down your throat than legalize something natural. I support you in your endeavors sir! I’m a vet myself, served 2 tours one Iraq one afghanistan in early 2000. Cannabis has given me life back.


I thank you gentlemen for your service. I was a combat medic 1981 - 1994, so I never saw combat. I’ve had experiences though that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I’ve eaten a lot of opiates. I didn’t start using cannabis again (since my teens) until just a couple of years ago. I used to eat opiates like candy. I still use them if I’m in an environment where I can’t use cannabis, but cannabis is amazing. If I can smoke for relief (usually in the evenings,) then I have no interest in taking an opiate after I’ve smoked a bit of weed. It’s amazing.


@MidwestGuy I’ll wave to you next time I’m down there at the end of the month… :wink:

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First off thank you for the service… what a great thing you are doing. All you Vietnam vets are stoners… LoL my last grow was NL, It’s great night time smoke for me. Again man kudos to you for sharing meds oh and welcome to the site we got a bunch of you old farts in here. Gets some pics up of your grows we love drooling over bud porn. I’m in an illegal state as well and due to the entire pill mill thing in SFlo I don’t think we’ll get recreational for quite some time. Stick around the site and spread allllll that ancient wisdom you possess. :sunglasses::+1: