Anyone else in WV ( starting NORML chapter)

Good evening everyone, I know some will not feel comfortable answering but I had a few questions.

So I did some research and our state of WV does not have a chapter of NORML. Within the next couple months I wanted to go through the process of creating it. We need representation badly, for anyone who doesn’t know our laws are horrible. We do not have recreational, we just got medical which is a joke ( can’t even smoke it) and the only list of acceptable conditions are so slim that most will not qualify.

I am a disabled vet and speak with tons of my fellow vets monthly who have turned to cannabis for pain relief, sleep etc etc. That and WV is plagued with so much drug abuse issues and we are typically a “poor” state so to speak. If anyone needs to be able to use and grow our own pot it is us.

My questions are.
A. Would anyone be interested in helping with this? ( There is a minimum amount of people who have to be involved with starting it, it cannot be 1 single person)
B. Where would some other sources be to find people that this would interest? ( No links but If you have ideas and could point me in the right direction that would be great)

Our neighbors in VA are legal, MD legal, DC legal it’s time we get ours.

What is and does Norml stand for. Not a VA vet, but am a texas vet and are similar in circumstances.

Please share, you may help others start something somewhere else.


National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, or something close to that.


I did find a chapter located in Austin who meet virtual once a month.

You have broadened my mind way too early, thanks, i hope you lead the way for your state, you may teach us covert growers how to do the same in our backwards state.

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Thank you for answering, I was still half asleep haven’t had my coffee :rofl:

NORML is one of the biggest advocacy groups for marijuana reform. They do and have done a lot to reform marijuana laws. My state is so bad and we have nobody really pushing to make the changes :(. I was blown away when I saw we didn’t have a chapter and I’m a big advocacy guy in general. I have experience advocating other things that are important to me so figured why not jump on this and get the ball rolling. I think In 2022 it’s ridiculous I could go to jail for having a couple small plants in my house like seriously.

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Everywhere i have managed to navigate to on the forum, i find veterans, more and more are showing up. I tried digging into HOF. Threads trying to gain valuable info on growing. Found more vets, and fathers of future vets.

Well represented here.

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I don’t even know if texas holds any kind of cannacon to educate.

How would, what would be talking points, just spitballing.

Public education?
Number of overdoses from thc. None that …
Number of new jobs in new industry.
Possible income for states

People want free things from government, not all, but vast majority do.

How could legalizing in your state benefit those that do not indulge.

After all, i am in same boat sharing the same oar.

Help me help you!!! :laughing:

Let me get some caffeine in me and then I’ll respond in a few. I’m glad you are wanting to make a difference.

Somedays my beans brew around 5am others 6am, buds will follow about hour later, so please buds and beans for those who like to indulge.