Any growers in the NoVA DC MD areas

I currently live in NoVa a state that just last year legalized recitational marijuana but according to what the state legislators are saying it’ll be 2025 until they’ll allow dispensaries to open. Another part of this is a person can only have up to a ounce on them - but can’t sell, trade barter for weed, It can only be given away, I know personally a pound of weed will last me a year or longer. If I grow a pound every 8 weeks what do I do with the leftover weed- Than there’s the part of the law where you can’t be seen smoking a joint while out in public- What about the 4th of July - smoking a phatty while watching the fireworks -which got me thinking.

Starting a CO-OP with 4-9 other like minded people in this area. Getting together in person sampling each others strains - once high as kites we can discuss ways to grow not only our weed but what would it take to start up a CO-OP in this area. Eventually purchasing a bus as a meeting place. Offering CO-OP members road trips - going to monthly year events like fireworks shows- comicon - auto shows - concerts at wolf trap - Six Flags- which leads to group discounts. Maybe just maybe within a year and a half we could raise enough money together as a CO-OP to be able to open a dispensary. Doing this as a PRIVATE ORGANIZATION members only. We can call it ILGM Club.


I’m near Winchester.


Sounds like an idea. But I’m too old to embark of anything resembling a business venture. Good luck!

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Not the forum for this. Members do not have contact with one another unless they know each other on other platforms.

The investment for ILGM is high risk, low reward so it’s not something they’d be interested in.

My suggestion would be rent a bus, stock it with yours and the CO-OPS homegrown and charge a door charge. That or have a mobile dispensary where they can buy and smoke.


I emailed you all apologizing for my last post - I thought forums depending on the topic are places to meet like minded people eventually maybe meeting in person someday. Here in the USA many states have legalized marijuana - yet people seem to still want it all hush hush behind closer doors. Why? You can smoke cigarettes out in public which are a lot worse than marijuana. This is something I would like changed in my lifetime- to be able to openly light up a joint outside an not be worried or bothered by closed minded individuals who still think marijuana is the worse drug out there.

As far as ILGM willingness to invest - that’s fine understandable no big deal it doesn’t hurt to ask.

I’ll never rent buying is better. that’s the plan to stock it with as you said mine and other CO-OP supplies. Giving the weed away since you cant sell or even barter marijuana., That’s what the membership is for - think of it as like a fine wine tasting location. How many varieties/strains of marijuana are there? I wouldn’t mind trying them all out within my lifetime.

You said high risk low reward - everything is a risk in this world the reward just depends on what a individual is seeing as being the reward - personally in this case I see the reward as giving other like minded people a safe secure neutral location to meet- not having to pay a arm or a leg to enjoy something they like to do being a adult over 21.

If the expected reward is financial gain Which is why this CO-OP needs no less that 5 individuals in order to operate successfully - each getting a monthly % from funds generated by memberships.
How many people have youtube facebook Instagram Twitch accounts - How many of them make thousands- millions by being a influencer- Now days you can’t watch a video without a minute or more speech from the poster about this or that product- Which some of the time it’s a product they received free from the company they’re promoting. How many of these people make thousands of dollars per month being a affiliate to 1 or more company? Than depending on the topic and if your able to go live, during the broadcast and if the viewers like the content, they usually donate funds as away of thanking you for brightening their day. I’ve seen it as high as $2k being donated at one time.

BobbyDigital you know what would be even a bigger reward - if over time the CO-OP did video fund raisers from inside of the bus - Have you ever seen the TV shows called Taxi cab confessions - Cash Cab youtube them. With the funds generated by donations able to buy a huge piece of land somewhere on the outside of a big city like DC in a marijuana friendly state, buying building placing tiny homes on this land - offering them to young adults who are currently homeless or in a bad place right now in life. Keeping some of the land for agricultural/live stock (food/organic fertilizer) - some as a camping/RV recreational area for out of towners that can’t afford the $75-200 a night stay in a hotel. Yet a safe secure place out in public, to openly FREELY light up a joint while enjoying life with like minded people as themselves.

I know I know it’s a pipe dream it could never happen especially today in the world in which we live.
With that thanks for the comment setting me straight on my way of thinking, I won’t be mentioning anything more about this here in this forum.

That’s the reason there is no contact between other members here. Not all states are legal. Nor are all countries. Law officials do peruse forums like these and the rules are in place to protect members anonymity. There are forums where this is allowed. This is where you get these “this person ripped me off” etc. ILGM didn’t want this kind of drama either so they wrote the rules the way they are.

Your idea sounds cool and I really wish you the best in your endeavor!