Early emergency harvest

Had to harvest early law to close small buds everywhere some big ones white hairs allover can I get some good smoke off them ?

Sure you can. :slight_smile: The longer you cure the yield the better. Small buds will not impress you if quickly dried and smoked. If you let them dry, then cure them properly; You can find that you will be satisfied; Considering you cut the grow period short.

Thanx a bunch for the encouragement found out it was snooping neighbors not the law but thanx for all

Good to hear. :smiley:

Can’t believe I’m talking to a pro like yourself sure wish it was legal in va I sure love growing marijuana thanks for everything maybe next year I’ll find a better spot!!!

I’m just wondering. You culled your plants because, you got a little paranoid; Right? So; You kept the plants after culling, and you found it was only nosey neighbors. I hate to say this but, you could’ve kept them growing a little longer. I don’t think the penalty for growing the plants is any worse than the possession charges.

Well Lesson learned. Too bad you don’t have a private closet somewhere. No one knows until you tell them if it is inside. Peace

p.s. Look forward to hearing about your new project.

Working on that now maybe the basement and yeah I may have jumped the gun like u said lesson learned I may even order some seeds from ILGM I don’t have but around three or four left from before sure do hate it tho had some beauties is it really as safe as they say to order seeds from ILGM ?

With any venture; There comes a risk. With that said. In all my years of Administering, and moderating forums, I have never heard of an issue.

I like the fact that there are some classic strains here.