Lou4494's First Grow Journal

Hey guys!
Been lurking for a little while, researching, and preparing!

Last week, I started germinating some seeds from a friend, while waiting for my ILGM Chocolope to arrive. I haven’t grown before so I want to give it a shot with some seeds I care (slightly) less about potentially losing. Haha. I know some people say I should just use the good seeds to start. Well, seeds are expensive, and I want to get the beginner’s unluckiness out of the way :laughing:

Anyway! This will be that grow journey!
Starting with 5 sprouts, will only have room to keep 2, MAYBE 3, but since this is random seed, I expect at least 1 or 2 males.

• Strain: random bag seed
• Medium: FF Light Warrior Soil, in solo cups
FF Ocean Forest Soil, in 5g fabric pots
• Setup: VIVOSUN 4x2x5 Tent
• Lights: (2) YGROW 600w full spectrum LEDs
• Ventilation : 160cfm exhaust fan, carbon filter,
160cfmintake fan
• Temps: 73°f (day) 68°f (night)
• Humidity: ~ 60% (with humidifier)

I have ppm and pH meters as well, will update as we go. Only on day 3 currently. :smile:

This one is currently my favorite. :slight_smile:

Join me on my adventure and feel free to advise and help as I stumble! I’m already obsessed…lol.


And they’re off. :+1:

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Yay!!! Setting to watching!

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Oh that last one sure is pretty


That’s what I did. Started with street weed seeds to see if I could do it. No shame in that game.

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They grew nicely overnight, but dont look too stretched to me (thankfullyyyyy)! That was one of my concerns. Well. I have so many concerns, but still. Haha. So far so good. :wink:


Makes me miss my babies. Few more months before I can start growing again.


I can see a little root hitting the side of the cup, on all but one of them! I can’t believe how fast they have roots like 2 inches down!
Look how cute she isssss… :heart_eyes: working on her 2nd set of leaves.


Keep an eye on the roots they grown faster and faster for a while. They will start to circle the cup right away


Roots are to the bottom of the cups in all but the runt! Pretty impressive.
I never soaked the soil before planting the seeds (didnt know if that would overwater them) so I just have been keeping the soil damp on top with a spray bottle. Last night gave them all a sliiiiightly larger drink, like a few tablespoons before bed, since the roots are so long now. But 2 of them now have their leaves “praying.” Not sure what that means? They seem healthy. Of course Im obsessing though…lol.


They are looking wonderful! They’re so pretty when they’re that little.


Thank you! Im so in love. Lol.
I work a double today and wont be able to check on them in between shifts and Im going crazy! Hahaha.

Hey @raustin is there anything weird about the 2 with their leaves “praying” a bit? Theyre all bag seed so they’re likely all different strains. :woman_shrugging:

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Oh I know trust me when mine was that little I’d have separation anxiety when I’d have to go to work. But do you believe me when I say right now all they need is water and the soil. They’ll be fine :wink:

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All your seedlings look excellent. I wouldn’t worry.


This is definitely the fun stage. I see a lot of people started grows this past week!

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Finally got to see my babies after a loooong day with awful people…ugh. Life as a server in a tipping country is TOUGH!
Anywho! :woman_shrugging:

They all look pretty good, but the 2 that were “praying” started to also taco a bit, and felt slightly crisp around the edges. I raised the light about an inch, to 25" and misted the soil. We shall see!

Note: this is not a pic of the praying taco seedlings. These are the pretty sisters :laughing:


Day 6

Today marks 6 days since the babies broke soil! They’re doing great. 2 of the 5 are a bit crispy for unknown reasons, but this is bag seed so I have low expectations. I was planning on maybe 2 or 3 making it anyway. BUT we’ll see if they pull-through.

Crispy Babes

Pretty Sisters


Looking good.

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Checked on them after work today, and they’re all looking lovely. Growing so much! I am SO happy that they arent stretching. It’s easing some of my fears. Lol.
The 2 Crispy Babes are still a bit crispy…if they don’t seem healthier in about a week-ish when I’d like to transplant into forever homes, then it’ll be easy to choose the 3 that can move to their containers. :woman_shrugging:


Morning of Day 7 today! They’re looking officially like little plants now!
I took their domes off last night because they didn’t seem to like the water droplets that always fell on them from the domes. Their leaves just started to feel weird after they got wet. I dont know :laughing:
But they seem to be strong as ever! The Crispy Babes are actually the biggest so far. Which is weird, and is leading me to maybe think it’s genetic? I dont know! Lol.
I also gave my basil some nutes and cal-mag today, too. Just to experiment with observing plant reactions to their first nutes. :slight_smile: