Looking to maybe upgrade?

I’m currently running a spider farmer sf2000 inside of my 2x4 grow tent just curious if there are any lights I can possibly upgrade to? Might be switching to a 3x3 soon. I run flora flex nutes, coco and fabric pots. I’m still new and this is my 2nd grow I ended up with 127g of dried cured bud. Just seemed kind of low for a yield but I know many things take place in order to get bigger yield.

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Here’s an upgrade that’s cheaper than an sf2000. With the sf and it you could do a 4x4. What imma do. Put it beside my sf 2000.

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I’m a fan of HLG (Horticulture Lighting Group). They are at or near the cutting edge of LED’s with published third party test data to support their claims. They blow everything except sunlight away. But they are more expensive in general than other lights. Check out their website and they often have sales.

This is an excellent resource:

A lot of custom diy builds (myself included) so that’s an option if you have access to aluminum (which I did) which is half the cost of a light.


So that’s what I need to order ? And I’d be set

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U wanna power it good if the 550 will firlt a 3x3 ud have super good lighting in there. For best results look at 450w or better to cover a 3x3 aamd that wall draw not blurples power lol.

I run 2x4 if you wanna check my journal

Only 2 or 3 plants? I put 5 autos in my pseudo 3x3( 2.75 x 3.5) closet Here is my guide to being aggressive early in coco(organically) to get great yeilds( I’m going to get a pound+ from this grow) but I just bought a 2nd hlg and am going to run 6-8 autos in a 4x4

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That and an sf 2000 would put you right around 490-500w. Sf2000 max draw is 250w. Not exactly sure on that one’s max draw, just read the reviews, according to customers it’s much brighter than their sf2000s. I was able to slam a 2x4 with light and the sf2000, stunted. Don’t see why you would need more, unless supplementing co2.